M&E industry celebrates the Subscriber Retention Management™ suite for excellence

Kirstin White | Tue Jun 04 2024 | Industry insights

visual-M&E industry celebrates the Subscriber Retention Management suite for excellence

The Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) suite is gaining industry recognition for driving excellence and innovation for media and entertainment broadcasters. Recently, Next TV named Cleeng the Best of Show winner for the Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) suite at the NAB 2024 Show in Las Vegas. This recognition comes alongside our Seasonal Subscriptions feature qualifying as a finalist for both the NAB Product of the Year award and BroadcastPro ME Manufacturer Award. The SRM™ suite is also shortlisted for the StreamTV Awards for ChurnIQ, the winner is yet to be announced. 

Industry recognitions like these validate that the excellence driven by the suite is visible in its contribution to broadcaster success. It stems from the product’s strong foundation and ethics and reinforces the tireless efforts to innovate and deliver subscriber management and retention excellence.


What makes Cleeng stand out as a subscriber management and retention solution for media and entertainment? 


Cleeng’s SRM™ suite is celebrated for its robust, specialized technology. It’s a unique platform within the video subscription industry. The platform is designed to address broadcasters' subscriber management and retention needs in the complex and evolving streaming market. 

Recognizing its abilities, leading broadcasters like the NFL, Tennis Channel, and TOD trust and rely on Cleeng’s technology to fuel their business growth. Last year, in 2023, a dozen new clients implemented Cleeng’s technology, including renowned names like The Weather Channel and NHK.

Built on the solid foundation of a well-architected SaaS platform, the platform helps broadcasters streamline operations flexibly while supporting innovation rapidly. 

Some striking features that are particularly beneficial for broadcasters include:

    • Robust technology: The SRM™ suite unpacks reliable, easy-to-use, modern technology to deliver high-quality subscription and churn management support for OTT broadcasters. It's enriched with the necessary features to help broadcasters deliver subscriber excellence and thrive in the competitive streaming market. This covers the entire subscriber lifecycle—from the touch point of users signing up to optimized payments and checkouts to even post-sales support.

    • Quick deployment and scaling support: Built as a SaaS platform on AWS’s reliable cloud solutions, the SRM™ suite is easily deployable. It also has excellent APIs and helpful integrations that help optimize the launch time with little intervention. The best part is unmatched scalability support as the streaming platform grows.

    • Cost-effectiveness: Tailor-made for media and entertainment needs, Cleeng’s solutions help improve the cost of ownership. The features are particular to broadcasters’ needs. This eliminates the need to incur substantial upfront costs and build an in-house custom platform with the required features. It can also be easily integrated with existing systems, eliminating the need to invest in additional tools. Moreover, pricing plans are transparent. As a SaaS platform, the cost structure includes usage-based fee plans that can be scaled up as needed, boosting broadcaster ROI.

    • Rapid innovation pace: Cleeng’s product lines grow and improve constantly. Innovation is among the core values, and the team tirelessly works on upgrading features at incredible speed. This pace is unlike any other similar provider in the market. 

      For instance, in 2023, Seasonal Subscriptions was released—a game-changing feature to disrupt seasonal churn in the sports streaming industry; ChurnIQ improved its churn prediction capabilities from 92% to 95%. Similarly, the gift subscriptions feature was also rolled out to support broadcasters to boost revenues.

    • Ethical and responsible approach: In addition to supporting broadcaster growth, it’s worth mentioning that Cleeng values ethics, sustainability, and best practices, which re-establishes all-round excellence. We prioritize this with great zeal and ensure it reflects in our holistic efforts and diverse talent pool. We recently received the DPP badge, formally recognizing our holistic sustainability approach.

Way Forward: What broadcasters can expect


Moving forward, it’s inevitable that the SRM™ suite’s efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness will grow even further to fuel broadcaster success. The team has been expanding rapidly to sustain this, and we created 30 new positions last year. They’re a talented bunch, motivated to ensure our solutions are even more high-quality, easier to use, and cost-effective.

In short, we’re marching ahead with great enthusiasm and in the process of outpacing our achievements and setting higher standards in the industry. 

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