TOD is future-proofing its streaming experience with Cleeng

Kirstin White | Tue Dec 19 2023 | Client success stories

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TOD has recently revamped its platform to make it even more exciting and inclusive for its MENA region subscribers. Their latest transition is all about optimizing their platform to deliver state-of-the-art subscriber experiences in sync with industry best technical practices.


The improvement plan is imagined across the different touchpoints in the subscriber journey - from subscriber conversion to post-sales support. 

  • Checkout - Much attention is focused on elevating the checkout experience so as to boost acquisition revenue. Some interventions in the pipeline include increasing the payment options, offering flexible subscription plans and providing more compelling promotional offers. 
  • Support - Customer support is also a priority. The number one goal is increasing retention & streamlining efficiency, to deliver customers prompt and comprehensive support. This is being realized by a 24/7 live OTT Expert team, which also uses AI-enabled digital tools to handle peak traffic during big sporting events.
  • Tech - The TOD team also plans to make changes to ensure their platform is continually up to date with the industry’s best technical solutions. 


To fuel these ambitions, they’ve partnered with Cleeng. TOD has used Cleeng's complete Subscriber Retention Management™ suite for the revamp in 22 countries, launched mid-November 2023. Once implemented, TOD can expect instant ARPU & Life Time Value (LTV) improvements thanks to offering subscribers a wider selection of payment methods with quicker, stronger analytics and high-quality support responses.


“We realized we need a future-proof SaaS solution to deliver excellence in the current market. Customers today want a top-tier user experience that goes beyond just interesting content. Our goal is to make sure we provide that extra layer. We were impressed by Cleeng’s multi-tenant SaaS solution and see it as a great fit to help us deliver beyond content excellence to clients. We’re also excited to leverage their industry expertise to expand our client base and serve more subscribers in the region,” says James Walmsley, Director - Product, Technology and Analytics at TOD.


The Cleeng team is equally delighted with this alliance. "I am thrilled to share that Cleeng has been chosen by TOD to best serve and support their subscribers in the MENA region. Our out-of-the-box, flexible, multi-tenant SaaS is designed to simplify the complexities of managing subscriber relations, from payment to support at scale”, commented Gilles Domartini, Cleeng Founder.

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