Cleeng is "Culturing Success" with a trip to Rome

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Dec 01 2023 | Cleeng News

In the fast-paced business world, where most corporate talk revolves around strategy and growth, we at Cleeng have an additional priority we value greatly - our Annual Reunion.  This is an event where we unite in one location to enjoy each other's company and celebrate our achievements. And this year, in 2023, we’ve had a fair bit to be proud of:

  • Successful NFL Season 2 launch
  • We added several brands to our client base, including The Weather Channel and TOD. 
  • We had old clients like DogTV return to us, realizing we offer unmatched value.
  • We got shortlisted for awards such as the VideoTech Innovation Awards and the SportsPro OTT Summit awards for our game-changing feature, Seasonal Subscriptions. 
  • Another fact that stood out this year was hiring for 30 new positions from across the globe. With this, we increased our employee strength to an influential 125 individuals. 

What a journey this has been. And, to celebrate it, this time, we gathered nearly 100 of our employees in Rome for our Annual Event.


Why Annual Reunions - The Ideology

Annual Reunions are a ritual at Cleeng that everyone cherishes. It allows us to preserve our culture as a fast-growing team - which isn’t easy with geographically dispersed individuals.

Fact: Our talent pool is diverse and includes people from different cultures, countries, time zones, and backgrounds. So, the three days we spend together bring down these barriers and present the opportunity to cut through the distance. We get together to

  • Share our vision, goals, and ambitions 
  • Align ways of working
  • Understand and agree on fundamental principles
  • Develop bonds with colleagues
  • And have fun, of course!

Our mantra: We’ve always believed people who know each other work better together. And once everyone is on the same page with the vision and means to fulfill it, the natural outcome is always higher engagement and motivation levels.  


Culturing Success: Theme of the year

This year’s Annual Reunion theme was “Culturing Success.” 

It encapsulates the deep-rooted idea of growth, ambition, and success. Alongside this, the theme stresses the importance of people, culture, and values - aspects that are pivotal to us. And, there couldn’t have been a better location than Rome for culturing success. After all, the Roman Empire inspires us to think big, have a vision, and work towards it in a structured, disciplined manner.

Interesting fact: 

Ever since Gilles Domartini, our CEO and co-founder, started Cleeng alongside Benedicte Guichard, Donald Res, and Mateusz Tymek, we’ve strongly believed in nurturing the right people with the right mindset, ambition, and discipline. This has formed the starting point of our company culture and values.

At Cleeng, we aspire to create a legacy, and we’ve been fortunate to define our ideologies quite early.

Our guiding principle has been: Listen to your Customers, keep it simple, and focus on a sustainable and scalable model with a winning culture. 


See the week in photos:

Meet Gilius CEO-sar
1/8 - "Gilius CEO-sar" kicked off the event 
Check out our management team making an appearance in costumes: 
2/8 - Our management team getting in the spirit
3/8 - Putting our heads together for some workshops
Cleengers immersing themselves in gamification workshops
4/8 - Cleengers immersing themselves in the activities
Exploring the wonder of the Colosseum

5/8 - Exploring the wonder of the Colosseum

Relaxed restaurant visits
6/8 - Relaxing with some late night exploration of Rome
Taking the time to recognize Cleengers with the right attitude
7/8 - Taking the time to recognize Cleengers with the right attitude
That's a wrap!
8/8 - That's a wrap!

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