Unlock D2C streaming growth in MENA - Meet with Cleeng at CABSAT 2024

Benedicte Guichard | Thu May 02 2024 | Cleeng News

See you at CABSAT

The NAB Show in Vegas was packed with the latest OTT product innovations, industry experts sharing best practices, and highly anticipated new technology launches. 


Did you miss it? The Cleeng team is visiting CABSAT 2024 in Dubai. We’re excited to share proven strategies and ways to boost your DTC streaming ROI.


The MENA region: A high-potential streaming market for growth

D2C video streaming in the MENA region is evolving rapidly. With increasing internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and the availability of high-speed mobile networks, the market scope is broadening for media broadcasts.

MENA region graph - Omdia


D2C streaming success starts with a smooth, speedy launch and smart subscriber acquisition. Any growth after that becomes sustainable when you retain acquired subscribers and reduce churn. That’s how you maximize customer LTV and boost profitability. When it comes to MENA, paying attention to regional specificities is the key.


What are the best broadcasters in MENA doing?

A spotlight on TOD’s winning formula supported by Cleeng 

beIN Media Group launched TOD in January 2022, and it won the Best OTT Platform of the Year at the E-Biz Awards by Entrepreneur Middle East. They approached the MENA market with a focus on providing viewers with an integrated, personalized, and quality streaming experience to attract and retain subscribers. Let’s explore their winning formula. 

1) Seamless subscriber journey

TOD understood the need to optimize subscriber experiences across all touch points starting from onboarding to post-sales support. For this, they worked on building the most seamless subscriber journey and tailoring it to the region’s users. They are embedded with intuitive layouts and dynamic checkout options. 

James Walmsley, Director of Product, Technology, and Analytics at TOD, said: “The improved experience will be felt from the first touch through to a top-tier customer support interface that has been a priority since our launch.”

2) Flexible payment and billing

They expanded payment choices preferred by the region’s viewers and introduced flexible subscription plans. improved activations, and exclusive promotional offers. This helped them boost sales. 

They implemented robust recurring billing to improve automated conversions.
3) Bilingual, 24/7 customer support

Another aspect that drove their strong retention was their focus on 24/7 customer support in both English and Arabic, ensuring swift and comprehensive assistance. This became particularly helpful during high-traffic periods like major sporting events in ensuring customer satisfaction. 

These measures increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and helped them to grow massively in the region

“This partnership will enable us to deliver a premium user experience worthy of our compelling and unparalleled sports and entertainment content. We’re also excited to leverage Cleeng’s industry expertise to expand our outreach, serve more regional subscribers, and extend 24/7 client support in Arabic and English.”

James Walmsley, Director of Product, Technology, and Analytics at TOD


Want to learn more about this winning formula?


Coming soon: A roundtable of MENA video experts

During CABSAT, we will sit down for a roundtable with leaders from TOD, OSN, Starzplay, Etisalat and more to uncover the best practices for OTT profitability.

The roundtable, titled "Key Strategies to Enhance Profitability in OTT Services," will explore critical topics such as: 

  • Improving customer lifetime value
  • Leveraging hybrid monetization models
  • Maximizing subscriber retention and mitigating churn rates
  • Enhancing cost efficiency

Participants will share insights, challenges, and effective strategies for driving sustainable profitability in the rapidly evolving MENA OTT industry landscape. This roundtable promises to be an invaluable opportunity to gain expert perspectives and actionable insights for optimizing OTT services and maximizing profitability.

Get in touch to learn more


How can the Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) suite support your business goals?

Cleeng’s SRM suite is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution specialized in building and growing media and entertainment streaming platforms. It comprises:

  1. Core: the specialized subscriber management system helps TOD and other broadcasters extend seamless account creation processes to streaming viewers. It allows embeding exciting offers, including 60 coupons, and run pricing tests across locations to boost conversions and revenue.
    Core users have:
    - Boosted customer LTV by 30% using personalized recommendations and offers.
    - Increased LTV by 15% annually with subscription upgrade-downgrade features.

  2. Merchant: the payment and checkout optimization solution. With its support, beIN media group and others easily access new markets including the MENA. They’re able to extend secure payment transactions, ensure uncompromised authentication and even overcome the common issue of lost revenue from expired credit card details. 
    For instance, Merchant integration with Adyen's cutting-edge solution ensures that every subscription transaction is smooth, secure, and tailored to local needs in MENA.Alongside Adyen’s risk management tool, RevenueProtect, to identify and mitigate fraud for new sign ups. 
    Together, Cleeng and Adyen have expanded payment options to accommodate customers worldwide, streamlining the payment process for a better user experience.Merchant also delegating complex aspects like taxes, compliances, and chargebacks so you focus only on growth. 
    Merchant users have:
    - 92% recurring payment approval rate on average, 6% higher than the industry

  3. ChurnIQ: the churn analytics solution that helps predict and prevent subscriber churn. It provides a 360-degree overview of subscriber activity and enables analyzing and identifying issues proactively. It also broadcasters to trigger suitable campaigns for different segments and retain subscribers.
    - ChurnIQ predicts churn with up to 95% accuracy. 

  4. Hi5: the cloud-based AI-enhanced customer care solution for media and entertainment. It enables practical, round-the-clock support in the language of your subscriber's choice - which in MENA is an essential distinguishing factor.
    Hi5 users have experienced:
    - Increased customer satisfaction by up to 76% with specialized OTT customer support
    - 50% fewer inquiries with self-serving capabilities by up to 80%


This entire stack of SRM solutions is highly robust, integrates with 35+ connectors, and has the best APIs. The best part: There are no setup fees, migration fees, or hidden costs—only transparent, affordable pricing with the scalability you need as you grow.


Our representatives will be at CABSAT:


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