Client Story: TVN Has Launched its Own SVOD Service

Benedicte Guichard | Wed May 25 2016 | Client success stories

TVN Play Chile - SVOD service

In our brand new installment of our Client Story series, we are going to talk about national TV broadcaster TVN Chile and its migration into the wonderful world of SVOD.

As a longstanding national television broadcaster, TVN has always been a household name in Chile, but recently, they came to us with a strong desire to take a leap forward in terms in what they offer their loyal audience: of course, integration into SVOD was the answer.

Lately, it has become somewhat of a trend for tier 1 broadcasters to explore key SVOD offerings as part of their overall package in order to match the growing demands of today’s users, with services such as on-demand video, on-the-go and multi-device interfaces becoming more popular by the minute.

The main challenges that TVN Chile faced were:

  • Extending their service beyond their own country;
  • Setting up a multi-language interface;
  • Creating several, scalable packages or offerings;
  • Keeping their branding consistent across all products and services.

Also, the short time-frame for launching such a product was also one of the requirements. Our partnership with Ooyala and the easiness-to-deploy of our SVOD solution made the task a bit easier.

Anyway, we worked tirelessly with TVN to make things happen and together we set out on a mission to create, develop and launch TVN’s brand new SVOD on-demand video streaming service. From deep API integration right through to the overall user experience, the collaboration ended with a great final product. Before long, TVN Play was born.

SVOD service options - TVN Play Chile Photo: TVN Play subscription options

Not only does TVN Play provide a host of exciting on-demand content to its subscribers, but it offers live signals and archive audio-visual material. TVN Play also gives subscribers the option watch to the TV Chile International Channel and 24 Horas news channel as part of the service.

“We want to impress abroad where there are many Chileans. The 24 Horas channel is not available outside the country and TV Chile is only on cable and in a selection of countries. For example, we are not in France, England and Belgium. In some parts of Canada and Brazil neither. This is a solution for all Chileans who are abroad or go on vacation and can sign up for a while”, said New Media Manager of TVN, Juan Manuel Egaña in their recent press release.

TVN Play has largely anticipated, and has been met with a positive response. As it is picking up momentum all of the time, both ourselves and TVN are happy with what we’ve accomplished and we look forward to a bright and prosperous online future.

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