Cleeng announces global partner program to expand delivery of the SRM suite

Stijn Derksen | Thu Jul 08 2021 | Cleeng News


As Cleeng’s Partner manager I have seen both the company itself, as well as our Partner network evolve and flourish over the past years in an amazing way. We have always been working closely with various tech partners in the ‘OTT Trinity’ such as Verizon Media, IBM, Accedo, 24i, JW Player and many others, which over the years, became a strategic and important pillar of our business. 

With the official Partner Program we are taking it a step further and making it even more frictionless for organizations around the globe to work with Cleeng and our Subscriber Retention Management™ solutions.

While making it more accessible to collaborate and join forces, we are happy to announce and offer great benefits, such as significant commission rates for our Partners:

Partner program perks


Who is the program designed for?

While the program is accessible to many types of organizations and individuals, we especially see major opportunities for Agencies and Consultants, System Integrators, and Technology companies. 


Consultants & agencies logo.  Technology vendors

Technology providers looking to combine their software with the Cleeng SRM tools to offer their clients a more comprehensive solution.


System integrators logo.   System integrators

Integration specialists looking to leverage subscriber management to grow their client’s audience and solve their retention problems.


Technology vendors logo. Consultants and agencies

Agencies looking to accommodate their clients’ subscriber management needs can integrate any of Cleeng’s components using our modular and flexible API.



How does our SRM suite help your customers compete with industry leading video platforms?  


Sizeable Live Pay-Per-View events 

Cleeng has over 10 years experience providing Identity Management and eCommerce solutions for live events from notable brands with thousands of viewers generating millions of dollars. The solutions are optimized for live events such as concerts, sport events and conferences where 10k+ viewers are expected.


Subscription Video-on-Demand

For customers who are looking to optimize or build the next generation SVOD platform for movies and shows. Our APIs can be leveraged to launch in no time, while ensuring high quality and compatibility to please your customers and deliver a fantastic experience. 


Seasonal Video Platforms

With flexible offer management capabilities and all the tools needed, your customers can build a platform for events like the Olympics, the WorldCup or shows with a seasonal business model. 


Influencers and Social Media superstars

Build your own channel while exploring a combination of different business models (ppv, subscriptions etc) to give fans exclusive access to entertainment of their favorite influencer or celebrity.  


Stijn Derksen - Partner Management at Cleeng 

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