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Elle Alviso | Thu Sep 02 2021 | Cleeng News


A hallmark of successful companies is outstanding customer service. Outstanding customer service is measured by the response time, the relevance of the information provided, and the speed at which customer’s issues are resolved.


Hi5’s goal is to bring a feeling of delight to each and every customer interaction. How do we do this? By going the extra mile!  Hence, we’re introducing our Chatbot Miles

Miles is an AI-powered customer care chatbot with conversational capabilities and the ability to proactively answer customer inquiries and perform actions to resolve issues.


Why is AI customer care an important element of business growth?

As an OTT business scales and its subscriber base grows, customer service must be able to keep up. Increased contact volume is the welcome and inevitable result of more users learning how to get the best experience from your service. The customer care department may be required to handle multiple support requests simultaneously from customers around the globe. At this pace of growth, traditional person-to-person customer support teams can cause long wait and resolution times. 


A chatbot has no such limitations and can manage an ever-increasing customer volume, while our person-to-person team focuses on providing direct support for users with unique service needs. How do we know this?


  • Our models show that 70% of customer inquiries can be easily resolved by a chatbot. We want to ensure that repetitive inquiries are handled by the chatbot and subscribers who need personalized assistance are referred to the Hi5 team 
  • Studies show that more brands are using bots to achieve high levels of automation. Bots respond instantly. By following a predefined workflow, bots can respond and even resolve queries. 
  • Miles was launched in Q2  in the middle of the 2021 French Open, streamed to thousands of subscribers worldwide by our client Tennis Channel. Miles automated 68% of the Tennis Channel’s chat conversations; only 32% of the conversations required additional attention from the hi5 team.


Tennis Channel Chatbot


How does a chatbot learn how to meet client needs?

Chatbots rely on what humans teach them. 

Our Hi5 team is developing and training Miles to be an OTT support expert, capable of providing tailor-fit solutions for each client. 

Machine learning is a progressive process. As our broadcasters’ service evolves and context changes, Hi5 will continue to train Miles to respond as new inquiries are introduced.

By combining AI with our quality-driven Hi5 team, the advantages are endless. Increased customer loyalty is just one of the benefits. Miles the Chatbot allows your brand to shine, demonstrating your leadership in the field of Media and Entertainment and customer care.


How does Cleeng keep up with customer support’s best standards?

Miles is just the latest addition to our suite of Hi5 Customer Service tools. 

The Hi5 team provides all-in-one solutions for OTT broadcasters committed to providing their subscribers with the best 24/7 customer service:

As Cleeng grows, we’re embracing AI-powered customer care with innovative solutions like Chatbot Miles. To stay on the cutting-edge of OTT industry trends, we’ve come up with a chatbot development cycle:


  • Categorize - Classifying contact reasons and strategically routing customer inquiries to the appropriate bot workflow.
  • Learn - Teaching the bot how to respond and give relevant answers and to also suggest FAQ articles based on the customer’s intent.
  • Execute - The chatbot will respond proactively by offering predefined responses. It could also analyze and understand incoming messages and provide responses in real-time.
  • Analyze - Measuring its performance using quantitative KPIs to ensure it delivers and augments the experience of the users.


What are the key benefits for the clients and their end-users?

MAVTV+ Chatbot

  • Better customer experience
    Miles can engage a large number of subscribers without dropping a single chat. Regardless of your SLA, Miles’ capacity allows us to provide quickly relevant solutions to a high volume of customers. This tailored efficiency improves the end-user experience 
  • Straightforward service
    End-users value their time, and we do too! Chatbots like Miles have the ability to immediately answer customer inquiries. Subscribers can skip qualifying questions if they only need step-by-step instructions. We aim to get the problem resolved in one click.
  • Seamless hybrid support
    By automating repetitive queries for Miles to handle, complex queries and high-level conversations can be transferred to an agent. With the virtually unlimited capacity of AI, we can dedicate time to sensitive issues requiring additional attention. Your customers can have the best of both worlds!
  • Higher customer satisfaction
    With all the points mentioned above, we are certain that the introduction of Miles the Chatbot will enhance customer satisfaction and deliver the outstanding customer service standards our clients expect from us.


We are confident that we can deliver this advanced Hi5 customer service solution, as we always do, by staying ahead of the curve. This is why today, our biggest clients—Tennis Channel, BroadwayHD, MXGP, CHL, and more—trust us with taking care of their daily customer interactions.



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