How to successfully monetize live events or PPV content

Adrianna Radzikowska | Wed Dec 21 2022 | Industry insights

How to monetize Live PPV events

Pay-per-view (PPV) streaming is one of the fastest-growing monetization models for OTT platforms, right after subscriptions and ad-supported offerings. Estimates from the latest OTT market trends reveal that revenue generated through Pay-Per-View is expected to touch $12.89 billion by 2027

Such projections make it clear that even though there's ample content available for streaming without payment today, viewers are still willing to spend on quality content if they see value for money. The PPV model presents an excellent way for viewers to pay for only those videos they are interested in watching and opens up new revenue streams for broadcasters.

In this blog, we explore Pay Per View (PPV) streaming or Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) and how you can host and monetize PPV content for your audience as a broadcaster.


What is the Pay Per View (PPV) Model? 

The PPV content monetization model allows broadcasters to charge viewers a specific amount to stream a particular piece of content. This may be for a limited period or for lifetime access.

The advantage for viewers lies in the fact that they need not buy a full subscription if they're only interested in something specific. Thus, it makes a great model for exclusive content - right from virtual classes to significant sporting events. In fact, PPV  extends beyond movies and recorded video content. Broadcasters can also successfully leverage PPV monetization schemes for hosting different live events. 


How to successfully navigate PPV events

As a broadcaster, implementing and monetizing the PPV framework involves two broad steps:


  A.  Setting up the offer

Setting up a robust PPV monetization plan and structure is critical for broadcasters as it directly impacts the bottom line. There are several aspects to take care of in this respect. These include:

  • Offer creation: The success of a live event can become restricted if the PPV offers aren’t enticing and flexible for different viewer groups. Thus, careful analysis must be conducted when designing the different TVOD pricing bundles and content entitlements.

  • Geolocation considerations: The beauty of live or PPV events streamed on OTT platforms is that they can be accessed anywhere globally. With that, there is scope for sharing content in multiple languages or with subtitles. This flexibility opens doors to introducing region-based price differentiation based on factors like demand, purchasing power, country-wise industry pricing, currencies etc. As a broadcaster, it makes sense to also consider these to optimize.

  • Marketing the live event: Marketing is also essential once the offer plans for monetizing the PPV events are finalized. Running trials, and coupon campaigns significantly increase conversions by making people see value for money with good bargains. Personalized offer creation is another great way to drive up sales.

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  • Answer customer queries: Customers will often have queries about inclusions for a price, the validity of the offer, etc. Failing to answer these on time can also impact the net conversions. Thus, successful PPV monetization also needs to cater to that.

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  B.  Hosting the event:

In addition to planning the monetization aspects, it's crucial to focus on the intricacies of running the show and hosting the live event successfully. 

If you are looking to outsource the landing page for your live event, the following four platforms can provide a high-quality solution.

  1. Vimeo
    Vimeo supports premium, ad-free live streaming in 1080p. With its support, you can stream high-definition quality on your own website and social channels. Some of its features include the option of adding your branding and graphics, streaming across different devices, and having the ability to interact with live viewers and closely monitor streams in real time.

  2. YouTube
    YouTube Live and Premieres is designed to bring viewers together in real-time to learn, discuss and form new social communities. It includes both beginner and advanced tools that help to manage live streams and interact with viewers in real-time effectively.

  3. Wix
    Wix Live is an easy way to host live events on your site. Its differentiator lies in the fact that viewers can chat and send emoticon reactions.

  4. Uscreen
    Live streaming on Uscreen is another excellent option. However, to stream on Uscreen, you'll require third-party encoding so
    ftware/hardware and a camera/microphone. You can choose whichever encoding software works best for you if it supports the RTMP protocol.


Looking for a more customized solution?

If you want to outsource further, with a fully customized PPV solution out-of-the-box solution, you may consider a platform such as:

  • Brightcove
  • Kaltura
  • JW Player
  • Livestream
  • Dacast

The above platforms provide out-of-the-box streaming that can be combined with Cleeng’s monetization layer. Build your own streaming website for a fully customized viewer experience. 


Elevate your PPV offer with fantastic support

If you’re looking to go above and beyond the standard PPV experience, you will need to consider your customer support.

As the OTT landscape matures and linear monetization models see a decline, monetizing PPV events makes an excellent choice for a financial push, brand building, and attaining overall business growth.

If you’re planning to widen your audience base by leveraging TVOD or PPV streaming, Cleeng can help you with excellent support. You can work with great partners to host your event and target your market with unique offers using Cleeng’s features.

Core’s flexible offer creation capabilities are enriched to help you monetize PPV events effectively by creating and testing offers and tracking performance. Hi5’s AI-enhanced customer service capabilities offer additional support and can be easily integrated with open documentation.


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