A Solution for Many: 3 Use Cases for MediaStore SDK

Kirstin White | Tue Nov 10 2020 | Product guidance


Bringing you a subscriber conversion toolkit for the whole team.

Our latest product launch, MediaStore SDK, is making life easier for our clients at all levels. Each new feature benefits someone. Whether it’s the seamless onboarding, to satisfy viewers. The high conversion check out, to reassure your director of retention. Or the optimised integration, to give your web developer a break! We developed MediaStore SDK to ensure everyone has a frictionless experience.


You may be wondering how exactly this development is solving problems. To help you understand, here’s a little insight into what MediaStore SDK can do for you.

1. For your Developer

When developing MediaStore SDK, we put seamless integration at the top of our list. We know the struggles of integrating a new platform. So we wanted to make the experience as smooth as possible for your developers. These are the features we have included to achieve this.

  • Total Transparency
Our brand-new Developers Portal gives you all the necessary information from the get-go. With this transparency, your developers can have an extensive understanding of the product before beginning. This means frictionless integration and greatly reduced development time.
  • Try Before You “Buy”
Not only does our portal offer a full overview of the integration process. It also gives your developer the chance to test it out themselves. If you’re seeking a new check out platform, your developer can download the code and try it out! This promises the most accurate expectations before making any big decisions.
  • Creative Freedom

The open-source version of MediaStore SDK gives your developers all new creative freedom. You can now customise the platform however you wish! This means the flexibility to create the best possible check out and user account hubs for your company.

2. For your Product Owner

The central purpose of MediaStore SDK is to optimise the subscriber conversion process. This is great news for your product owners! The new developments mean happier existing customers, and more sign-ups too. Here’s how we plan to achieve that.

  • Available On Any Device

Our new check out platform has been developed to function on any device. Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, you name it! MediaStore SDK will adapt to your screen size and be ready to go. This means more satisfied customers and a wider target group.

  • Flexible Payment Options

To help you attract as many new users as possible, MediaStore SDK accommodates a wide range of payment options. This lets you accommodate more customers, and create a frictionless service that subscribers will love!

  • Make It Your Own

The more coherent your check out page is with the rest of your site, the more customers will feel at ease. With the open source version of MediaStore SDK, everything can be modified from colour schemes, to font, to sizing, to placement. Your check out platform can perfectly reflect your branding and effortlessly match the rest of your site. This means a smoother user experience, from start to finish.

3. For your Director of Retention

Not only does MediaStore SDK improve conversion of new users, but also retention of existing customers. Our new developments will optimise your user experience and offer unique insights where they matter most.

  • Empower Your Subscribers
Making important details easily accessible is critical to an easy user experience. Within the MyAccount function, subscribers can update their biographic information, contact details and marketing consent all in one space. Your subscribers will appreciate having all the important information at their fingertips. An easy subscription makes a happy subscriber. And a happy subscriber sticks around.
  • Eliminate Accidental Cancellations
Not all subscriber churn is intentional. Some cancellations are involuntary, due to outdated payment sources. To remedy this problem, MediaStore SDK features super accessible, secure payment controls. Subscribers can edit their details and access their transaction history. This eliminates involuntary churn by drawing attention to outdated information and payment anomalies.
  • Cancellation Insights
Whilst saying goodbye to a subscriber is sad, it is also a valuable learning moment. Understanding why customers cancel can help you optimise your service. Our new cancellation survey offers more concise and accurate response options. This ensures that customers read the questions fully, and allows you to zone in on the facts. The MyAccount cancellation survey can reveal any issues with pricing, customer support, user experience or content. For perfecting your service and retaining subscribers, this information is priceless.

These three cases give you a bit of insight into what MediaStore SDK can do for you. To find out more about the contents of this product and the developer documentation, go here.

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