[Video] The Story Behind The CYBEROBICS™ SVOD Service

Dimitar Serafimov | Tue Mar 27 2018 | Industry insights


Cyberobics and Cleeng - online subscription service Credit: Cyberobics/McFit


The McFit Global Group is one of the largest fitness companies in Europe with over 1.7 million members.

The popular fitness brand believes that digitalization and on-demand generation will change the way people do fitness. Therefore, they created an online fitness platform under the CYBEROBICS™ brand.

Watch this video success story and find out how the "Fitness Netflix" was born:

Cleeng subscriber and identity management expertise helps broadcasters like McFit succeed with their direct-to-consumer approach. Our new predictive churn and intelligent conversion insights are features that CYBEROBICS™ liked most.

All in all, Cleeng's turnkey eCommerce platform offers McFit the right amount of flexibility and modularity to support their growing business.

This implementation represents another OTT Flow successful launch, where our OVP partner Brightcove took care of the streaming delivery, while Accedo handled the front-end development.

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