How to use coupons to boost your video e-commerce ROI

Kirstin White | Thu May 11 2023 | Industry insights

How to use coupons to boost your video e-commerce ROI

The media and entertainment landscape has turned increasingly complex for broadcasters. With the OTT content market reaching saturation, multiple players are now competing fiercely for the same eyes. 

At the same time, rising inflation and subscription fatigue is leaving consumers tired of paying for multiple subscriptions—making it difficult for industry players to acquire and retain customers. 

What do you do in this climate? 


The answer is coupon marketing. 


Coupon marketing remains to be a  compelling way to convey increased value to customers and keep them in the fold to increase video e-commerce ROI. 


In this article, we’ll explore how you can use coupon campaign marketing to maximize your video e-commerce ROI. 


What's the impact of offering coupons on customer behavior and sales

Coupon marketing is a powerful way to drive growth and success for your video e-commerce business. It impacts customer behavior and sales in the following ways:

Increased conversions

Digital coupons are a powerful tool for boosting subscriptions to streaming services. With discounts or special deals, brand awareness increases. 

Customers sitting on the fence also get that added incentive to sign up for a service, impacting conversions and increasing revenues. 

Data suggests that 94% of people use coupons, and 38% buy more than they intended because they have a coupon.


Enhanced retention

Offers and discounts make a compelling reason for people to stick around due to the prospect of getting a better deal with the same value at a better price. 


This directly impacts retention, enhances customer LTV and feeds into revenue growth rates. 


Data reveals that 82% of consumers redeem a digital coupon within a week of being clipped, and 30% redeem these within a day.


Improved customer loyalty

When existing customers are offered coupons, they automatically feel closer to a brand. 


They feel appreciated and valued thus strengthening their relationship with their platform and making them more likely to continue subscribing to a service. 


Statistically, 81% of consumers would take additional action, such as enrolling in a loyalty program to redeem a rebate or coupon.


How to run a coupon campaign using Cleeng

If you're looking to increase sales and retention and win back churned OTT service users, using coupons is a great strategy. 


Cleeng Core has features to help you run a Coupon Campaign quickly. You can create campaigns that can run on one single coupon or multiple coupon codes that you can customize to your audience groups.  


The platform supports importing up to 10 million coupons easily. You can choose if the coupons apply to all your content, a recurring offer, or a single offer and run it for your desired period. 


Moreover, you can also download a report with the status of the import activity directly from the Dashboard. 


But, that’s not all. 


ChurnIQ also helps you grab an accurate picture of your campaign performance to iterate your coupon strategy for success.


Cleeng dashboard for coupon campaigns


For a step-by-step rundown on running coupon campaigns in Core, check out: Creating a Coupon Campaign


Best practices to keep in mind when delivering coupons to your video e-commerce customers

Now that you know the relevance and the way to run coupon campaigns, here are some best practices you need to keep in mind for optimum results:



Be strategic about when you deliver coupons to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. Usually, good periods for running coupon campaigns include:

  • Lean season to boost sales
  • The peak season to encourage the purchase
  • New product releases
  • Holidays or special 


Craft a sense of exclusivity for coupons to increase efficacy. If you work to offer exclusive deals and discounts to your customers, it can make them feel valued and appreciated. Some groups to provide special deals include:

  • email marketing subscribers
  • scoial media followers
  • loyalty program members


Create coupon codes that are clear and easy to understand. Without that, the campaign cannot be a success. Ensure that customers know what the discount or deal is and the steps to follow to redeem it.


Analyzing coupon campaign performance and adjusting strategy for optimal ROI

Creating and sending coupons is only half the game played for driving ROI. The other is analyzing the performance and iterating strategies for the best results.  


To that end, Cleeng offers campaign analytics that helps you to:

  • Track the daily usage of coupons for any campaign in any time period.
  • Monitor the post-coupon renewals & conversion rate (to full-fee-paying customers)
  • Learn about the total revenue return from any campaign.
  • Monitor how much of your monthly revenue is due to subscriptions created with past campaigns.


Follow this closely to know what's working and what's not to adjust your strategy and fine-tune it for success.


Boost your video e-Commerce ROI with coupons

 Coupon marketing is a powerful tool for growing in the competitive SVOD space. By delivering targeted coupons to your customers and tracking the performance of your campaigns, you can:  

  • Drive sales
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Boost your revenue. 

Whether you choose to deliver coupons via email marketing, social media, paid advertising, or affiliate marketing, make it a point to follow best practices and analyze the results of your campaigns to optimize your strategy continuously. 


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