Two new dashboards released: Experience and Cohort

Luc Bleylevens | Wed Mar 04 2020 | Product guidance

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Only a week ago you received the news from us notifying you of new dashboard being added to ChurnIQ 2.0, well the good news didn’t stop there. This week we’re again adding two new ones. The dashboards that we are adding now are:

  1. The Experience dashboard, and
  2. The Retention Cohorts

These new dashboards will provide you and your operations with more insides on your subscriber’s engagement and a starting point for finding your strengths and weaknesses. 

How do I get access to ChurnIQ™ 2.0 again?

When you log into the Cleeng Dashboard, you’ll notice a notification in the top of the dashboard. Click on the ‘TRY NEW RELEASE’ button, and it will grant you access to ChurnIQ 2.0. The new environment is already populated with your data, so you can already start applying it in your operations. 


So what has been added as of recent?

Experience Dashboard (Engagement)

This adds the behavioral dimension to your subscription and payment subscriber analytics. Engagement analytics are the most valuable ongoing indicator of how highly your subscribers value your product. Higher engagement means longer retention, more upgrades, and higher lifetime value.

Experience dashboard - ChurnIQ features

These are some of the most important insights you can access from your engagement analytics:

  1. How highly do subscribers value my content? Must watch or might watch?
  2. How does engagement grow/decline over the subscriber lifecycle?
  3. How big is the core user base? Is this number growing? Who are these users?
  4. How strong is the engagement-churn link? What is the right window for re-engagement?

There are lots new to see here, so check out the guide to engagement analytics.

The Experience step allows you to monitor and act on subscriber engagement and satisfaction trends. This stage of the Retention Journey is designed to help you track, analyse, and grow the value that your customers derive from your subscription service.

Engagement report - CHurnIQ

Retention Cohorts

The retention cohorts dashboard is now also available. You can now see the retention rates over time for both monthly and channel defined subscriber cohorts. 

Retention cohorts - ChurnIQ features

Key insights from your cohort analytics:

  • The Cohort Analysis allows you to isolate and analyze viewer retention behaviour, group by group apart from your viewer base as a whole.
  • You can monitor and compare the retention patterns clearly across the full life-cycle of viewers.

You want to know more about how to read and use cohort analysis, visit our Help Center.

And if you want to learn more about Subscriber Retention Management, grab our latest guide: 

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