Adapting to a “cookie-less” world may be easier than you think

Vinoth Kottaisamy | Wed Oct 13 2021 | Industry insights

Third party cookie privacy solution - CleengThe digital ecosystem in which we live is slowly discontinuing its reliance on third-party cookies and moving to more substantive first-party data.

Adoption and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the E.U. and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the U.S. appear to be the primary drivers of this paradigm shift. 

Browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox have already initiated robust policies that will protect users from cross-site tracking. Safari has introduced a mechanism into their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) system that automatically blocks third-party cookies when in a domain with tracking capabilities. And Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) will not only shield users from cookies but also from cryptominers.  


Same Data, New Obstacles


"Users will not be able to perform them once cross-site tracking is disabled"


The gradual extinction of low-hanging user information will inevitably create difficulties for advertising agencies, online services and cloud businesses whose online functionalities remain heavily dependent on cookies. 

For example, embeddable checkout solutions in the OTT industry rely on cross-site tracking (i.e. cookies) between different domains to:

  • process payments
  • grant entitlements
  • login users.
Although these actions are relatively basic to everyday operations, users will not be able to perform them once cross-site tracking is disabled.   

This highly regulated landscape is expected to motivate publishers and media providers to proactively approach users, gain consent and build increasingly beneficial levels of trust. Subscription Management Services, like those offered by Cleeng, are one of the best ways to directly engage users and obtain first-party data. 


Your Invitation to the Cookie After-Party


"Eliminating over-indulgence on cookies or cross-site tracking for checkout"


In anticipation of these radical changes, Cleeng has re-imagined the Cleeng classic checkout and re-engineered it into the MediaStore SDK; an open source project with a slick checkout process that is neatly packaged and readily available in Cleeng’s git repository. 

MediaStore SDK does require a degree of custom development to achieve the desired checkout experience. But the enormous benefits gained from brief and focused customization easily outweigh the cost of sudden and abrupt business slow-down or stoppage.   

MediaStore SDK allows you to take control and host the code in your environment; thus eliminating over-indulgence on cookies or cross-site tracking for checkout. Also, with this Cleeng proven technique, you will be able to collect user information and store it as first-party data with a proven purchase flow that is fully compliant with the GDPR and CCPA!


Taking Control of Uncertainty: Technical tips for the "cookie-less" world

Furthering convenience and power of choice, the MediaStore SDK Package includes individual modules, such as Identity Management, Checkout and My Account. Each module can be used independently so you can choose only the components that you need, when you need them. 

For example, you can implement a “Register” feature that gives your customers the freedom to simply register without asking them to make a purchase. They can continue to use the service to browse or play free content all while being registered customers.

Then later in the customer journey, you can choose a “Purchase” feature of the Checkout module to embed the entire purchase flow and convert the free users into paid subscribers.

Cleeng JWT Mechanism - Third party cookies

Additionally, to prevent any bottlenecks at the login and registration process,  MediaStore SDK comes paired with a new JWT mechanism for authentication that recalls sessions and authenticates users flawlessly without third-party data. 

Welcome to the after-party!



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