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Monika | Mon Jun 17 2013 | Cleeng News, Industry insights

Cleeng Since the formation of Cleeng in 2011, our product has grown tremendously - and we now have hundreds of publishers selling their content worldwide, using our packages.

Today, we are introducing a new pricing model. Our objective is to truly democratize premium content sales. Cleeng is now the first and only SaaS platform on the market to offer a Free package, with unlimited transactions (compare with the chart below).

How much do other platforms charge per transaction:

content monetization content monetization


In comparison to other platforms, that charge sometimes significant fees per transaction, our freemium model makes it much easier for all content creators to start earning on their content in a simple way. We don't constrain publishers by the number of transactions and they keep 100% of their revenue!

Premium content sales can be a real alternative to advertising. Note, that our publishers generate an average of 42€ / $55 per 1000 impressions, with less than a 0.5% refund rate. With Cleeng’s payment plans and strategies, all publishers can push their new business forward in a very short time.

More flexible tiers

Our fairly priced plans are packed with benefits and have been carefully crafted to become the best existing monetization solution on the market to support your growth.

Cleeng's new pricing and packages:

  • lets you easily sell your premium content and keep 100% of the revenue!
  • is based on direct feedback from our customers which means it’s created directly with you in mind;
  • guarantees you continuous improvements and feature roll-outs offered within fixed monthly fees;
  • utilises our e-commerce expertise and dedicated support to get your monetization strategy in place.

While we clearly wanted to keep up with our free Plug & Go plan & the Pro plan, we’ve added one more professional package - Pro+. We’ve also extended the Live HD package to address the maximum scope of your needs.

Further, all plans will:

  • have unlimited transactions number,
  • include Cleeng patented in-page  monetization,
  • provide access to our API
  • allow you to use 150 different payment methods (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Paypal Sms, credit cards).

Plug & Go 

If you have never sold any content before, or you have only a few videos or articles to sell - this plan is a great way to start. It’s an easy & free way to try out different business models such as pay-per-view, subscription, coupons,  rentals and metered paywall.


It's an ideal choice if you already have an established & rapidly growing business. Rather than developing your own payment solution and getting all the complexity of dealing with payment gateways, managing subscriptions and rentals, build reporting, etc. you get all of these functionalities for a very small monthly fee. Some companies have already benefitted from our Pro service plan such as Epicurious and Barrecore.

Pro+ (New)

For larger organizations, we've taken our solution one step further toward helping multiply your earnings and expanding your audience. With many added new features, our Pro+ plan lets you:

  • add up to 3 admins to the account and let them manage all reporting for your company,
  • delve into the richest, dual distributor-associate reporting & get the most important aspects of your business in check,
  • offer content bundles (fixed number of content elements) and seasonal passes (flexible number of content elements, like a TV Series).
  • set country specific rounded pricing and sell products around the world.

Enterprise package

If you’re looking for more flexibility and ad-hoc support, our Enterprise plan is designed with all your needs in mind. For example, it lets you focus on matters such as optional white label branding, or having your own payment gateways in your content. Once your requirements are defined, thanks to our smart API, we are committed to deliver results in just 4 weeks for your organization. Our team will assist & possibly deploy it for you and all your queries will be treated with the highest priority and answered as soon as possible.


Selling large live events is the most demanding and challenging content commerce activity you can think of. We analyzed the market with our clients and noticed that there are no companies offering mistake-proof solution for high demand Live events. We've built that solution.

You can now sell your live events with the same top-notch solution we've successfully implemented for multiple major brands in the past: i.e. TEDMED, ViaPlay or Cirque Du Soleil. Our solution is fully integrated with Brightcove, Livestream, and Dailymotion or can work with other leading OVP solutions. The platform is tested end-to-end to support more than 300 transactions per second, with full file security on all devices including smartphones and tablets. 

All details on our new pricing plan can be found in the Pricing section of our website. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below this blog post so that others can also benefit from our answers.

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