MIPTV 2016: Recap Through Our Favorite Tweets

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Apr 11 2016 | Cleeng News, Industry insights

Cleeng and Arkena at MIPTV 2016 Photo: Cleeng and Arkena joint booth at MIPTV 2016

After those 4 magnificent days spent at the French riviera, we are glad to give our impressions of this year's MIPTV. This time we will go with a bit unique, more illustrative approach and present you the top news and trends happening in the digital media industry via series of tweets.

There were hundreds of different topics discussed and presented at the event, but we will try to summarize what was most ground-breaking and relevant to our audience.

Authentic, data-driven and mobile content will define success in future

Viewers do and will appreciate original, value-adding content and producers should put its focus on providing it in the first place. The marketing job will be way easier if you have the content that engages and dazzles your audience. Analysts are projecting that Facebook will have a big role in defining the industry course and mobile-first content will start to emerge to follow up the device acceptance trends.

If content is king, SVOD is the new emperor

Dominique Delport, Vivendi's Content Boss and Board Member did a notable presentation, tackling the specifics of the SVOD business model versus traditional TV, the ways to attract millennials and the drawbacks of European distribution platforms.

In his keynote titled “The future is in your palm,” Delport said that while SVOD represented 20% of total viewing time in the US, it only drew 4.7% of the revenues — and only 2.3% in Europe. He pointed out that SVOD is a pay TV complement, not yet a substitute with 50% of SVOD subscribers around the world also having pay TV subscription.

Anyway, numbers are saying that SVOD has been establishing itself as a model that gains great popularity and brings ROI for digital broadcasters.

Multi-language content is becoming a key aspect of the successful on-demand video providers

Video content available in multiple languages is arising as a great tactic for providers to extend their reach beyond their initial markets.

Virtual reality technology in the hands of story-tellers should be a instant hit

Until today, there are three different types of VR currently: VR worlds (3D renderings used mostly in gaming), Cinematic VR and 360° videos. According to Matthias Puschmann of VAST MEDIA (kudos for the very insightful presentation on this topic), VR will find its major appliance in gaming, augmented live experiences and the adult industry.

“VR is a concept - the concept of getting rid of technical boundaries and placing the viewer in an experience" said Puschmann.  

eSports is going in interesting directions

Speaking of gaming, eSports has been exponentially building up in terms of market size and popularity among both viewers and providers. The subjects on the supply side are digging into the audience demographics and usage thus finding some really interesting patterns. Their goal now is to prepare content types and packages that will be preferred by the eSports population.

Hopefully, we managed to give some cool insights and tackle a number of interesting topics from the event. See you next year! 


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