Keep Your Broadcasting Business Going in The Age of COVID-19

Dimitar Serafimov | Wed Mar 18 2020 | Industry insights

SVOD-engagement-e1503413562541Coronavirus (COVID-19) has plunged the planet into crisis mode. In addition to its health implications, Coronavirus has also impeded many businesses in its tracks, halting economic progress the world over.

If you’re a broadcaster or content provider, you may be worried somewhat—and it’s only natural. But, we do live in the age of technology and as such, there is a viable way to keep your business rolling during these tough and uncertain times.

To cite Maria Rua Aguete, executive director at analyst and TBI sibling Omdia,demand for information, news, and talk show content is increasing as workers shift to remote, decentralised environments, and demand for children’s programming will grow as school closures proliferate”.

Researchers are expecting that the next steps for the broadcast industry will include:

  • Ramping up children, family and news TV content sourcing and creation
  • Replace live reality, sports and other event content with previous season replays
  • License old catalog to beef-up content line-up for catch-up services
  • Promote lite virtual pay-TV packages for price-sensitive subscribers
  • Facilitate self-installation via mail-out of set-top boxes and creation of instructional videos
  • Facilitating better content navigation, improving and updating electronic programming guide (EPG). 
  • Embrace new technologies, such as virtual crowds/crowd simulation for live no-crowd sports
  • Communicate with hardware vendors to understand the impact on the supply chain.

By now, we've witnessed Universal films move to VOD, Met Opera go online, Wrestlemania 36 reveal new plans, Neil Young tries streaming etc. 

How can Cleeng support any creative initiatives?

In these times, you are probably exploring different ways on how to keep a relationship with its customers/subscribers/viewers and keep the business running. It’s time to be creative and online broadcasting is always a safe option. 

If you have a reliable streaming provider, you can set up a Cleeng broadcaster account in 2 minutes and manage broadcasting to your audience for free.

With a Cleeng broadcaster account, you can take charge of your content or programming and set up secured external communications including efficiently and effectively—those including free streams and pay-per-view (PPV) streaming.

What we noticed is that businesses are currently replacing business meetings and conferences with free or paid online broadcasts. There are ways to adapt, get creative and offer some alternatives to your subscribers. Cleeng provides publishers with turnkey tools to set up online initiatives.

  • If you are running a brick-and-mortar fitness service, you can set up a subscription channel in quickly and stream fitness video classes to your subscribers.
  • If you do shows, conferences, or sports events behind closed doors, you can set up a live-streaming landing page in a few clicks and sell (or offer for free) e-tickets or offer replays and classics, if you are in sports broadcasting.
  • If you need to broadcast important internal communication or meetings, you can stream it and use our entitlement capability to ensure viewer authentications. 
  • If you want to run a promotional campaign, you can use our coupons and incentives system, free trials or lite packages to stimulate engagement.

Reach out to our team to brainstorm any creative initiatives that could support your business and cope with this unprecedented situation in our industry.

Here are three past examples that can be a source of inspiration:

Each of these Cleeng broadcasting examples offers a practical explanation of the dynamic flexibility of our technology model. 

While we are currently forced to restrict our business activities, by harnessing the power of digital, it’s possible to keep your broadcasting initiatives going. 

You can deliver the content your audience needs (particularly in times of self-isolation), you can provide a quality viewing experience, and regardless of your niche or sector, you can remain connected.

It’s a difficult time, but as a broadcaster, you are a beacon of hope, particularly if you operate in the film, TV, sport or business content sectors. If you need us, please do get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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