Nordic Business Forum On Pay-Per-View - The ‘First Row Experience’

Monika | Wed Sep 23 2015 | Industry insights

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The Nordic Business Forum ( NBF) is ready today for the digital audiences of tomorrow. This leading, high-brow business seminar in Northern Europe goes pay-per-view for the second year in the row, using Cleeng’s Live PPV technology to create enriching interaction with their global audience.

To encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and support personal development, the NBF brings offline training experiences to the online platform, while maintaining the same level of engagement and quality. It results in a pay-per-view conference live streaming at its best, securing a seamless, ”first row” pay-per-view experience among all online participants (on every device and anywhere in the world).   

This year, the speaker list is beyond exciting! Two days of live broadcast are tightly packed with many inspirational talks delivered by industry leaders including Garry Kasparov, Guy Kawasaki, Arianna Huffington, Simon Sinek.

The NBF founders understand very well the disruptive power of live online experiences and professionally leverages its interactive, real-time assets.

Anyone watching the conference at home or in the office can count on an online experience that matches the offline excitement and value. The NBF and Cleeng will provide participants with:

  • Multiple camera and venue angles: Online participants can watch the official broadcast, but are also free to wander around the venue by manually choosing other camera angles and “visiting” the press room, the studio, or the networking spots.
  • Presentations on demand: Most of the presentations will be available 30 days on the NBForum LIVE platform.
  • Chance to network: NBForum LIVE has a brand new networking functionality. You can create yourself a profile, see who else is on the live stream, find people with similar interests and suggest Skype meetings with others.
  • Possibility to asks questions: While following the live stream, you will be able to send questions to the moderator, who might ask them on stage or during the wrap ups at the Live stage.

You might think that launching Live PPV for such a tremendously big conference takes weeks. But with Cleeng’s robust Live out-of-the-box solution the event was prepared and created within just hours.

Cleeng's PPV and Season Pass functionalities seemed like the best tool available for us to protect our live stream, for the customers to create logins for them and for us to collect payments for them. It's surprising how few platforms facilitate this need well for live stream products like ours. Hans Pieter Siefen - Co-founder and Chairman

Cleeng supports the NBF with:

  • A fast setup of the live PPV and VOD framework, seamlessly integrating with the broadcast technology.
  • Pre-built, responsive PPV page templates with a flexible branding option,
    Easy way of embedding the event onto external websites;
  • Multiple pricing and package options to best address NBF’s segmented audience needs,
    Single Sign-On, and secure, 1-click payment including 150 global and local payment methods,
  • Discounts and CRM options,
  • Robust piracy prevention and detailed sales reporting
  • And least but not last - a timely, 15-minute customer support for their viewers.


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