How to succeed in an expanding live PPV market

Kirstin White | Fri May 14 2021 | Industry insights

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The pay-per-view market is booming. In 2020 alone, US-based live streaming events earned $610 million in revenue—a trend that is set to continue.


While droves of people will flock to sports arenas and concert venues as the world opens up its doors, 66% of fans confirm they will still tune to frequent live PPV events.

With new viewing innovations on the horizon and a growing global streaming audience, PPV is likely to gain even more momentum in the coming years.


Let’s explore.


The Increasing Potential of Pay-Per-View (PPV)

The growing potential of live PPV has sparked an experiential evolution. 

Today’s live platforms empower artists to take questions from fans, hold virtual meet and greets, and perform encores for their live streaming fans—exclusive content that offers added value to the viewing experience. And, it’s working.

K-pop group, BTS, for instance, sold 993,000 tickets for their live virtual concerts in October 2020, hosting the two events via WeSocial—retaining fan engagement while earning a healthy level of revenue despite physical tour cancellations.

In the sports entertainment arena, the WWE’s iconic Wrestlemania 37, hosted under a new content & streaming partnership, grew the brand’s subscribership to 1.22 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2021.


Navigating the Pressing PPV Market Challenges

To reap the rewards of live PPV success in a lucrative yet saturated market, it’s important to understand the challenges to ensure you’re armed with the right strategy from the offset.

1) PPV market saturation

As live streaming engagement increases, more players are throwing their hats into the virtual ring. That means more PPV market saturation.

To gain an edge on your competitors and stand out in your niche, considering your value proposition and knowing your audience is essential. 

If you:

  • Offer direct value to your audience by analysing market trends and consumer data
  • Create unique content to promote your event
  • Provide a seamless multi-channel user experience (UX)

You will accelerate your live PPV success.

2) User access roadblocks

One of the primary challenges many PPV providers encounter is content access issues. During UFC 57, for example, droves of fighters and fans took to social media to complain about ESPN’s streaming app issues. A problem that harmed the brand’s reputation, significantly.

3) Platform difficulties

Not long ago, singer Marc Anthony’s much anticipated live streamed concert, “Marc Anthony Una Noche”, required rescheduling after colossal levels of demand caused the streaming platform to collapse. A costly error that dampened the brand-boosting value of the PPV event.


The Solution

Partnering with the right end-to-end PPV delivery platform will empower you to deal with any inherent roadblocks while offering your viewers a rich, engaging, and immersive live viewing experience.

Our cohesive mix of SVoD tools and solutions are designed to help content providers, celebrities, influencers, and sporting organisations create PPV experiences that consistently meet their audience's needs.

Recently, we helped influential hair stylist, ArrogantTae, launch an exclusive live PPV masterclass—an event that attracted countless fashion-conscious fans through the virtual doors to give fans unique insights into the styling tips from the best of the best.

This event was assisted by three key features from our live PPV platform:

  • Rapid launch times

Anyone can easily set up a live PPV event in minutes. It takes five simple steps to arrange your event’s key details, pricing, streaming platform and promotion.

  • Scalable for large audiences

The Cleeng PPV platform can handle large peaks of subscribers, tackling access issues while offering a consistent level of UX from start to finish.

  • No detail is spared

Cleeng is cohesive and intuitive. Every aspect of your event will be handled with precision, down to the smallest details:

  • Automatic landing page creation
  • VAT handling
  • Customer support
  • Automatic global currency conversion



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