5 digital video trends to follow - lessons from Brightcove Play 2013

Monika | Fri May 31 2013 | Cleeng News, Industry insights

Brightcove playWe had a tremendous pleasure to take part in the digital media conference Brightcove PLAY 2013 as a Brightcove Tech PartnerBrightcove PLAY is a global gathering of hundreds of media companies, marketers and developers, that sheds light on digital video trends that will reshape soon the entire industry. 

We got back from Boston with our heads wrapped around the smart, in-depth keynotes held by i. e. David Mendels (Brightcove CEO), Jeremy Allaire (Brightcove Execustive Chairman) and also Joe Pulizzi (Founder, Content Marketing Institute).

>>What to keep in mind as a Publisher when selling your video’s  & events online? Here are 5 digital video trends you can't ignore:

1. Post PC era & growing need for a mobile video experience

Let’s face it - PC is becoming a sign of the past ever so quickly - the shift from PC to iOS and Android was never so palpable. In 2012 23% of the entire web traffic was coming from mobile devices plus the online video consumption grew by staggering 300%. With growing interest in native apps and HTML5 killing Flash, mobile equals mainstream. Keep this in mind when designing & delivering experience to your users - you have to start with mobile in mind - not with the website that would be - as a second priority - adjusted to a mobile UX experience.


    * captures: courtesy of Brightcove

2. Live video is becoming mainstream, focus on live

There’s a huge, constantly growing audience to engage directly: people passionate about sport, culture and news-starved. If you can create a live streamed event for sport fans or you can convert a traditionally approached news into a live experience - you’ll win just like Nascar or RedBull.

 3Content protection on multi-devices

Monetization of long-form content on the mobile web is now a rising trend and requires you to rethink the way you protect  your content.

That’s another challenge that has been lately tackled by Brightcove -  integration with various DRM providers to enable a multi-DRM approach to protecting and monetizing long-form content.

 4. Content marketing savviness

According to Content Marketing Institute:

91 percent of respondents use content marketing;

Social media is now the most popular content marketing tactic;

Less than 10 percent of companies have a formal content marketing strategy, even though 36 percent believe content is effective.

Keeping these facts in mind you can now create influence and engagement with your audience through savvy content marketing approach, backed up with a solid storytelling in context. Re-consider using video as the the most powerful form of storytelling.

5. Disruptive channels of distribution

New channels for distributing content are sprouting in a light-speed, taking place of the traditional TV channels - there’s no way back from there. Next phase of the ‘connected living room’ opens up to the constantly developing smart TVs, game consoles and connected/OTT devices.

We're facing a rapid expansion beyond TV, a great example for this trend - the TVApp agency, a 'develop once / deploy to many' cross platform TV app compiler, enabling developers within brands, agencies but also content owners and broadcasters to create native TV apps for multiple connected TV's and IPTV devices.

Another great example is Spuul - an ad supported subscription service that legally provides streamed online Indian content to anyone in the world. Users of mobile devices, PCs, connected TVs and game consoles can watch their favorite content whenever and wherever they want.

Final thought: Brightcove Play 2013 brought an important statement - the opportunities for video content from a digital media and digital marketing perspective will continue to grow. Looking at the changes pervading digital media world - Cleeng is definitely on the right track, with its technology & top customers references, to lead the premium content monetization market.

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