The new Cleeng Play: the most efficient way to sell video on-demand (VOD)

Monika | Thu Nov 27 2014 | Cleeng News, Industry insights


Video-On-Demand has finally come of age, and it is consequently reshaping the ways people select and utilize videos. US consumers now watch close to 9 hours of VOD content per month

When we first introduced Cleeng Play (our universal solution to  help you sell video on-demand) in 2012, this trend was just emerging, and we were in right place at the right time to seize this amazing opportunity.  We coupled that with our fierce ambition to shape the future of the VOD industry.

As the end of 2014 has drawn nearer, we have been reflecting on the fact that we actually have a lot to be proud of! The benefits of Cleeng Play have resulted not only in many exciting deals worldwide and the rapid growth of such brands like Epicurious or Barrecore, but it also has brought along many new e-commerce platforms that have tried to copy our solution.  

A wise person once said in the early 19th century that, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and we certainly agree.

To stay ahead the curve, though, we put our hearts, minds and souls into pivoting our company solely into the OTT market. After a tremendously successful launch of Cleeng Live! for pay-per-view earlier this year, we proceeded at full speed toward redesigning Cleeng Play from the ground up, taking into account our clients feedback and the most recent market evolutions in mobile, streaming, security and global access.

So here it is - the all new and shiny Cleeng Play!

Our first tests show that it increases the perceived quality of the video offers and brings even higher conversion rates, along with higher price points. Below you'll find a quick overview of all of the features the new Cleeng Play has in store for you:

Faster setup

We learned an immense amount from our award-winning Live platform. Those who are familiar with Cleeng already will recognize that adding videos to Cleeng Play is as fast and easy as creating pay-per-view events.  In as little as 5 minutes, your movie, tutorial, course or show can be ready for sale.

Cleeng Play integrates perfectly with our longtime OVP partners Brightcove, Kaltura, Wistia, Dailymotion and 23video. It also works with Youtube and other popular video platforms.  Follow the steps, paste the embed on your site and you are good to go.

Note:  Cleeng Play is fully compatible with our Live and Subscription/Membership products.

More responsive

Currently, 22% of our transactions come from mobile devices.  Our partners sell content in 167 countries.  We wanted to be absolutely sure that it adapts flawlessly on all 1500 devices within our test community, whether they are from Australia, Dubai, Norway or Canada.  We also made certain that your audience can watch your videos on the go.

New embed player

The player is not only responsive; it also integrates better on your website.  Just add the background that best fits your video and then be ready to reap higher sales.

Instant Video Preview

This has been a long-awaited functionality.  Along with Trailers, you now have the possibly to easily add a video preview.  Define the length of the preview (in seconds) and you are ready to go.  The video will start and automatically end when the preview is over.

Smart Geo-Blocking

Many of you want to sell in only one or a few countries.  Guess what: no problem!  Simply select your countries on the map, save them, and it’s done.

More engaging video descriptions

Now you can easily copy-paste the description of your video from any web page.   Then just add text, bullet points, an actors’ list, photos or links.  With our integrated text editor, it's all ridiculously easy.  And what’s even better is that you will sell more as a result.

Fully compatible with Subscription/Membership products

Inspired by Netflix and online universities, more and more publishers are starting subscription offers.  For live linear TV channels, fitness studios or special interests site memberships, Cleeng Play is the perfect place to start (HINT: As your business grows, check out our API that gives a lot more flexibility for this.)

Besides what we’ve mentioned above, many more elements have been adjusted and improved.   But really, the best way to fully realize just how Cleeng Play beats any other solution on the VOD market flat out is to give it a try!


I hope we just got you as excited as we are about Cleeng Play! Go ahead and give our new Cleeng Play a test drive, then let us know what you think of it. We’ll be waiting for your comments!



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