Setanta Sports selects Cleeng for the ultimate sports video experience

Kirstin White | Thu Nov 04 2021 | Client success stories

Cleeng is excited to announce that we have partnered with Adjara Group to support their sports OTT service, Setanta Sports Eurasia.

Setanta Sports - Subscriber Management Cleeng


What is Setanta Sports Eurasia?

Setanta Sports Eurasia is an OTT subscription service dedicated to providing sports fans with access to exclusive and diverse sports content. Their offering includes 24/7 on-demand access to a broad range of video content, including live streams of the most popular sports tournaments from Formula 1 to UFC to NBA. 


What is the vision of Setanta Sports Eurasia?

The company’s vision is to make sports available everywhere, by creating opportunities for their customers to have sports at their fingertips, whether via mobile phone or large screening devices. 


Setanta Sports understands the joy that sports content brings to sports fans. It is this understanding around which they have built their vision, to enable the passion of the fans, and give them the platform to enjoy their favourite events. 


What challenges have they faced in building their OTT service?

The primary challenge for Setanta Sports Eurasia has been establishing a service in a market with few existing OTT consumption habits.


We’re now focusing on the CIS markets in Baltics … that have never been penetrated before in terms
of having the OTT platform” said Levan Gvaramia, Chief Product Officer of Setanta Sports Eurasia.


Check out Gvaramia's interview by Cleeng at Sportel Monaco 2021:



With no established behaviour, it’s up to the broadcasters to test and gain insights on the market preferences. By doing so they will be able to discover what their audience is looking for, in order to deliver an excellent experience. 


How will Setanta Sports Eurasia utilize Cleeng’s services?


Setanta Sports Eurasia came to Cleeng looking for a solution to assist the expansion of their subscription service. The company is currently leveraging Cleeng’s cloud-based, AI-enhanced customer care, Hi5.


When speaking about the integration, Setanta Sports Eurasia's Chief Product Officer, Levan Gvaramia stated that Cleeng had a “really good understanding of what we needed and could deliver the APIs that could really be integrated smoothly to our different partners”. 


The speed of the implementation was also a great success as Gvaramia explained, “we had
really tight timeline, it was done in two and a half weeks, so it was pretty amazing”. 


Following a quick and seamless launch, we look forward to our continued collaboration with Setanta Sports Eurasia and are excited to see the further expansion of their service.


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