Big launch: set up your Live streaming pay-per-view events in 2 minutes!

Monika | Thu Feb 27 2014 | Cleeng News, Industry insights


Live streaming pay-per-view

This is the biggest news since we founded Cleeng three years ago: today we're launching a new, breakthrough solution. Cleeng Live! creates a tremendous and new opportunity for everyone who is ready to set up a Live streaming pay-per-view event to be broadcasted locally or worldwide!

And, good news - It's free!

Whether you run a major sports league, a big event agency, a music festival, a nonprofit organization, a filmmaker, a speaker, a fitness coach, a conference organizer, or a popular blogger - you can now connect better with your global fan base, using Cleeng Live! It works with both paid or free events.

Want to learn everything about Cleeng Live! in just one minute? Watch this little video we prepared for our launch:


Set up only takes 2' - you can try it yourself right away!

Get started - free!

Why did we create Cleeng Live for Live streaming pay-per-view?

The facts:

- LIVE online events have seen explosive growth in the past two years. For example, Brightcove maximized their live streaming activities 26x!

- LIVE streaming pay-per-view generate 6x more revenue per visitor than the Video-On-Demand. The reason is simple - the price points are much higher.

- 28% of Live viewers connect to the events from their mobile devices, primarily tablets. They expect a seamless user experience with no obstacles.

- 15% of orders happen 10 minutes before the show starts. Publishers need a smart way to manage pre-bookings, and be able to handle 1000's of transactions per minute during these intense 10 minutes.

So, what's the catch? 

To put it short: managing live events has been challenging and we've just ... made it easy for everyone!

Pre-booking an event has to be a no-brainer, and that's exactly what you'll get with Cleeng Live! Since 2012, we've managed 36 different live events for big brands such as the Swedish Hockey League, Cirque du Soleil, the British Basketball League, Boston Breakers, the University of Massachusetts, Viaplay, and many more. The new Cleeng Live! comes out of this tremendous experience, and is the essence of what we've learned about Live PPV monetization.

Cleeng Live! integrates with any major OVP: Kaltura, Brightcove, Livestream, Youtube and many more!

First, we’re very happy to announce a worldwide partnership with two leading Video Platforms, Brightcove and Kaltura. Thanks to our partnership, creating and managing Live streaming pay-per-view has never been so easy and secure. The user experience is maximized, thanks to the optimal integration of registration, payment, and video streaming processes - on all devices.

Cleeng Live! has also been tested with other video platforms like Livestream, YouTube, Dailymotion. Simply give it a try. We've developed a simplified set up workflow that saves you time, money, and effort. It's totally free to use, and you can start pre-booking in just two minutes!

There are three essential steps to managing a successful Live Pay-Per-View event:

1. Pre-booking: This is essential for the success of your project, and one of the most challenging to manage. It involves easy registration from multiple devices, creating a simple page you can use immediately, collecting leads, and/or handle payment in multiple countries. All of this comes out of the box with Cleeng Live!

Live streaming pay-per-view

This is an example of a pre-booking page for a live streamed fitness training.

2. Live experience: We want to offer more than just a video embed. We want to recreate the experience people get when watching an event in a bar or in a stadium. People can easily engage together, share their feelings, and get together. As a publisher, you get all the tools to instantly monitor how people feel, and easily engage with them. And good news, as the organizer, you can concentrate solely on your show. We take care of all customer inquiries.

Live streaming pay-per-view

This is how the reporting dashboard looks like

3. After the show: Once the show has ended, accelerate your business with all the tools Cleeng is well-known for: managing subscriptions, selling rentals, creating bundles, and much more. You can check our VOD features here.

Seeing is believing.

Go ahead and create your first show! Or learn more how to get the most out of your live broadcasts:

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