TourGigs Bets on Cleeng Live PPV for Selling Their Concerts

Dimitar Serafimov | Fri Oct 20 2017 | Partners


Tourgigs live concerts - powered by Cleeng Credit: Tourgigs


As live streaming continues to thrive, for providers and broadcasters, there's more money-making and growth potential than ever. The music industry is starting to see that potential more and more.

Besides the sporting world, one sector of the entertainment biz that stands to benefit from live event streaming more than ever is music events - and the colossal success of The Grateful Dead’s farewell tour as well as Coachella’s live online experience are a testament of that.

And of course, these developments will present a number of PPV opportunities.

As the sector evolves and the notion of the 'couch tour' (where you can follow your favourite band or artist from the comfort of your own home) becomes all the more popular, live production companies, music festivals, and venues are seeing a genuine appetite for pay-per-view events, meaning this revenue model is likely to become increasingly fruitful in the near future.

That said, one organization that has its finger well on the musical pulse already is innovative concert and gig organiser, TourGigs

TourGigs is a concert film technology company specializing in live streaming and concert videos. They create artistic films without disturbing the authenticity of the show.

A day before their next live gig, the concert of the popular American jam band, Umphrey's McGee, one of their managers dropped a few lines about their their partnership with us. 

"We're stoked that Cleeng can help us get Roku back up for our customers to watch Umphrey's McGee!", says C.J. Strehlow, Production Manager at TourGigs. 

They have scheduled more events until the end of the year and they are selling both individual events and tour passes.

Tourgigs live PPV concerts

When asked about the main reason why they picked Cleeng as a pay-per-view technology provider, he added: Scalability. The combination of live PPV and Roku's support of events is essential for meeting their goals.

The TourGigs fans really appreciate the fact that the live concerts are available on Roku via the Cleeng Roku Channel.

There you have it: another success story which just goes to show how much potential lies in live streaming and music entertainment. To find out more about TourGigs, visit their platform and dive into a wonderful world of music discovery.



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