TEDMED 2013 chose Cleeng among the conference streaming solutions

Monika | Tue Apr 23 2013 | Partners

Jay Walker, TEDMED

 Let me begin with an excess of exclamations: TEDMED 2013 was amazing!!! 1,800 multidisciplinary leaders, 65 speakers & performers, 2,700+ TEDMED live locations brought to a tremendous success of this year’s edition. Hashtag #tedmed is still active for comments and discussions on Twitter. I guess we all are ‘suffering’ from a little ‘TED ache’ (term coined by Pritpal S Tamber, TEDMED's Clinical Editor). Our heads almost hurt with so many great insights. We're happy that TEDMED chose Cleeng - a leader among the conference streaming solutions.

TEDMED stems from TED (“Technology, Entertainment and Design”) which started as a one-off conference nearly 30 years ago. This phenomenon has grown to two large annual events and multiple smaller local TEDx events.

While TED and TEDx concentrate mostly around technology, TEDMED was created around healthcare & modern medicine.Founded in 2012, TEDMED has been keeping up with the TED’s innovative approach to organizing conferences, run as concise and entertaining meetings of smart people with good ideas. This year’s event turned out no different. TEDMED took it a one step further, though. Until now TED has posted more than 1,000 free videos of the talks online, dozens of them have achieved more than one million views. TEDMED team decided to put their live broadcast sessions behind a reg-wall with Cleeng.

Jose Suarez, CEO of TEDMED contacted us earlier this year asking if we could set up a customized stream protection & registration gate for the audience, similar to what we've been doing for Venture Beat or insurance company Broker Alliance. You might think that Suarez took a leap of faith, when making a decision about establishing paid access to the 90-minutes sessions. But Jose & TEDMED team are adroit experts, aware of their precisely defined audience and the value hidden behind the great content. This value equals the talent for creating life changing ideas, unique to every TEDMED participant and speaker.

Jose & TEDMED team surely knew that their carefully targeted audience is ready to fund initiative they trust, and care about. With no other health conference around, that would show at least comparable level of appeal and whizz-bang creativity, TEDMED + reg-wall seem to hit the right spot.

Our Cleeng team adjusted the set up specifically for TEDMED, and within days a fully functional reg-wall was seamlessly integrated with the TEDMED platform. Viewers had been presented a choice between real-time an 'on-demand' access to the keynotes. Here’s a screenshot of Cleeng integration with the TEDMED environment:



We also took care of the entire user support and maintained the full list of 1680 different affiliate organizations, each requiring specific entry code. The list was updated daily, with automated reporting.

Looking at TEDMED 2013 from the very technical, logistic point of view all efforts of TEDMED, Cleeng  & Livestream team (we cooperated closely with), fell into place, at the right time.

Jose & TEDMED team - thank you for sharing this journey together with us @Cleeng.

Cleeng SRM Product