The State of Germany’s SVOD Market in 3 Charts

Dimitar Serafimov | Fri May 18 2018 | Industry insights

German SVOD

In recent years, SVoD has presented a raft of new opportunities for savvy broadcasters looking to make their mark. Now, in the current climate, perhaps one of the most fruitful markets SVoD players can explore, and attempt to conquer, lies in Germany.

Germany has the most extensive and best-funded public broadcasting system on the planet, making it a challenging market to break into. If you do, however, the rewards could be significant. At present, the 'Free TV' model is still the driving force behind the German broadcasting market.

To offer a visual representation of the current German SVoD and OTT market, here are three graphs that represent the key factors.

Top SVOD services in Germany by revenue Source: GfK

This chart shows the main SVoD providers in Germany, in addition to their level of subscribership, subscription costs and total spend in both December 2016 and 2017. As you can see, Amazon yields the most subscribers while Netflix yields the biggest spend.

SVOD genres in Germany Source: Parrot Analytics

This graph is based on German viewers’ genre preferences as of 2017. From this visualization, it’s clear that towards the end of the year, the overall market steers towards a thirst for science fiction and drama-based content. Valuable data for those looking to break into Germany.

German SVOD forecast Source: GfK

This visual forecast of the home video and entertainment market in Germany gives a clear indication that the best days for SVoD adoption are still to come. From 2018 and on, SVOD will be the major source of video entertainment in Germany. Is this beginning of the tipping point the best time to enter the market? Perhaps so.

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