Reflection on 2020 and Best Wishes for 2021

Gilles Domartini | Wed Dec 23 2020 | Industry insights

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What a crazy year it has been. I'll try to summarize my thoughts on it.

In hindsight, 2020 has been one of the best years ever for Cleeng. The amount of user accounts managed by our platform grew to 15 million, thanks to strong growth of long-term clients like McFit, BroadwayHD, Tennis Channel and Topic, and a few, new major launches in the sports sector. Our turnkey PPV solution has been a savior for many organisations, with thousands of events set up on the platform.

Since March, we have been promoting 3 key priorities: Security, Quality, Scalability. That was really important for our clients and partners. 

Despite the obvious challenges, we kept innovating. We launched major new products for example ChurnIQ, our subscriber intelligence platform, and MediaStore SDK for a truly frictionless implementation of Cleeng into your SVOD service.

Speaking of 2021, these are the 3 directions we are aiming towards:

  1. Continuity: We absolutely want to double down our focus on the Media and Entertainment sector and empower broadcasters, telcos, and sport organisations seeking for the ultimate SVOD and PPV solution.

  2. AI: Thanks to our very unique data lake designed to support the OTT industry, we will accelerate the roll out of artificial intelligence upgrades. 

  3. Frictionless platform: We definitely aim to make our platform even more frictionless with more standardized integrations, improved developer documentation, turnkey payment connectors & checkout tools. 

A big thank you to our clients, partners and employees for working with us. We hope for 2021 to be best year ever for us all!

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