The first Pay Per View for Vimeo videos: Cleeng PLAY

Benedicte Guichard | Sat Sep 01 2012 | Cleeng News
There's been a lot of chatter about video monetization lately and the growing video platform Vimeo - 14,2% share according to BuiltWith  is no exception: content creators using Vimeo to host and share their videos are just desperate for a flexible monetizing solution and they say it loud and clear on Vimeo forum!
But it would be easy enough to have a free and a paid part of Vimeo. Most videos would remain free but if those who need to make a living in production (such as myself) at least have the option of building ads into videos and/or charging something for access, it would only make vimeo even more of a destination for those who want the best content available online.
Up until now, that was it. Enter Cleeng Play: Vimeo video monetization made easy!

Thanks to Cleeng Play, any Vimeo Pro users, just like YOU, will now be able to:

-       charge for premium videos within minutes, directly from your web site

-       pick up the most relevant business model: pay per view, rental or subscription

-       have your audience access your videos from any device, including their iPhone, iPad, and it works for HTML5 too!

-       provide your viewer with a frictionless user experience: one-click to see your videos

-       set up some option such as: preview, price, etc…

Take a look at our Cleeng Play anatomy for more details:

Want to get started and begin generating revenues in no time? Just follow the 4 steps below:

1-    Go to and click on the “Get Started” tab.

2-    Select Vimeo Pro. Make sure you’re logged in to Cleeng.

3-    Fill up the details, such as your Vimeo video ID, player size width and give a name and attractive description to your video, and finally set the price and rental period.

4-    Then click the “Protect & Grab code” button to see how your video looks… and copy-paste the embed-code on your own site.

…And you’re DONE!  It’s as simple as that and it works on all devices, including the iPhones and iPad that only support HTML.

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