Organo Gold LIVE conference monetization: a complete success!

Benedicte Guichard | Tue Jan 17 2012 | Cleeng News


Organo Gold, one of the world’s most renown coffee company with the most advanced network marketing model, gathered their enthusiastic community last weekend at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas to reward their 15,000 best sellers (yes, you read that right, 15k sales people!).  The conference quickly sold out therefore the company decided to sell virtual tickets allowing their vaste audience to watch the LIVE conference from home!

Organo Gold needed to quickly find a very flexible monetization solution for streaming LIVE video that could be implemented in no time: so they contacted us!

Cleeng monetized the access to the 2-day LIVE event using video feed. By protecting the Livestream video player, not only was the content secured, but the user experience went very smoothly. Check out this 20 seconds video to find out how it worked:

Thousands of people had access to the LIVE show instantly from their phone, tablet or computer.

Working closely with their US partners Network Growth and Velikom International, Cleeng took care of the entire monetization aspect and were able to:

• Provide Organo Gold with template examples for the pre-booking phase to hide the video player.

• Use the robust Cleeng API to complete the integration within their web site in a matter of days.

• Offer the most convenient payment methods and straightforward user experience for clients located all over the world. As an interesting note, 3% of viewers were from Mexico, 2% from Jamaica and 1% from Greece. Now that’s a global endeavor!

• Take care of the service and support during the event. There were hundreds of simultaneous connects on the first day and the second day experienced thousands! Monetizing Live videos can be tricky as viewers expect instant response, and thankfully the Cleeng development team were able to deliver.

• Provide Organo Gold with a detailed pre and after event sales report. Conversion rates reached incredible percentages with more than 33% of “add to carts’ being purchased.

We’ve been thrilled with this engagement! Erik Johnson, CEO of Network Growth told us “Great job managing this live event and taking care of our people. The analytics you provided and the suggestion for future improvements were very helpful to further strengthen our conversion rates. We look forward to continuing our relationship and launching in the coming weeks new episodes of Organo Gold University.”

The need for livestreaming content is growing tremendously. We are very pleased to see Cleeng successfully working with this medium and believe this market segment to be large and increasing. Imagine the benefit people could gain from watching live concerts, conferences and entertainment from the comfort and convenience of their home, or on their phone. No doubt that these kinds of events are attracting very captive audiences and have a bright future. Looking forward to Organo Gold’s next convention, we’re ready!

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