Omega TV: how to monetize 5500 videos at a time?

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Jan 20 2012 | Cleeng News


5500 ! That is the number of videos that OmegaTV - a video platform dedicated to questions about "living better"- wanted to monetize on its web site.

ONE hour! that is the time it took to do it with Cleeng !


How? Thanks to the integration of the Cleeng module within their Brightcove studio.

Take a look at the video to view it in action and see how easy it is to protect videos within the Brightcove studio.

Omega TV decided to charge the same price for all videos and to let people view the first 10 seconds of each video, for free to tease them, but Cleeng allows broadcasters to define multiple parameters: price per item, short description, the time when the video will stop to be monetized, as well as the activation of the social commission system, to let users see, share and earn! The decision is yours!

Now monetizing one or thousand of videos can be done in a blink of an eye thanks to Cleeng!

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