New Languages To Support Your Local Pay-per-View Events

Monika | Thu Oct 22 2015 | Cleeng News

New Cleeng languages - German, Polish and Portuguese

The recent white paper published by Sportel revealed that broadcasts of local Live sports events are a major boost to local industries. Such events gather truly local audiences on-site and present an occurrence which you - as a broadcaster – would certainly want to capture using live and on-demand videos.

Cleeng’s platform has always aimed to help you cash-in on the latest developments.  And our most recent launch is no different!

Sell videos to German, Polish and Brazilian customers - in their own language

To further boost your local monetisation strategies, we’ve extended the previously supported languages (Spanish, Dutch, French, Suomi and English) to now include Polish, German and Brazilian. Coincidentally (or not) we are launching this on a very special day for us. Exactly 5 years ago, at October 23th, our developers Mat and Marcin started to built the very first version of Cleeng in Poznan, Poland. 

If you are a video publisher, you will now be able to expand into your local target markets by providing a straightforward means for interacting with your German, Brazilian and Polish consumers. From your consumers’ standpoint, they will greatly appreciate the comfort of purchasing and accessing your premium video content in their own language.

pay per view eventsHere: The Portuguese version 

When coupled with the convenience of using local currencies that we introduced earlier this year, the new translations offer you a powerful e-commerce environment to tease and capture your global audiences while implementing localized marketing strategies.

The value for local video publishers

Main benefits to you - the Cleeng Publisher:

  • Closer relationships with your audience: you develop communication to sell your offers in their native language.
  • Higher conversion and greater retention: your customers trust your localized offer far more quickly, which results in their actual purchase instead of casual browsing.
  • More effective targeting per market: your sales market quickly expands as you satisfy local demands.
  • Country-specific marketing campaigns: you get the most-trusted and reliable e-commerce operations in various countries or territories and, at the same time, strengthen your brand’s international image.

Please note that you as a publisher don't need to activate or adjust anything in your account. Your customers who are based in Germany or any other country we have localization and translation available, will see your event page in their own language (based on their IP address).

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