Launch: mobile payments now also in Turkey thanks to Cleeng!

Monika | Mon Oct 27 2014 | Cleeng News, Industry insights

mobile payments For all of you who want to tap into the 35M internet user base in Turkey - we've just introduced mobile payments for online content! We're pioneers in every sense of the word, as no other SaaS brand has done that in Turkey before us.


First of all we give your customers a very easy and comfy payment method, on-the-go! When customers come to your website to pay for a single video, live event ticket or a subscription, they don't need to pull out their credit cards and can be billed directly onto their mobile numbers instead. Thanks to a direct cooperation with the Turkish payment providers we can bill your customers, using a mobile invoice (sent in an SMS).

Mobile subscriptions with a seamless user experience

Take for example our first monetization project in Turkey - the movie subscription service developed for the Dailymotion Plus and MCD Group.




Cleeng operates Dailymotion Plus subscriptions and guarantees a seamless, 1-click access to thousands of handpicked movies, that can be viewed anywhere on mobile phones, and without interruptions or advertisements. The recurring billing is entirely compatible with the local large payment carriers.

What are the gains for you as a Publisher/Broadcaster?

  • Making it easy for your customers to pay with their mobiles improves your sales and increases customer loyalty,
  • Your conversion rates are optimized,
  • You save money as the mobile payment providers don’t charge you more than what you'd  pay for accepting credit card payments.

Cleeng’s presence in Turkey is a major breakthrough for any Publisher who plans to launch VOD services, targeted to the Turkish audience. Interested in setting up your Video-on-demand channel or offering a Live pay-per-view event to the Turkish market?

Start here or drop us an email, we’ll be happy to support you!


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