Lucky FABB Live streaming pay-per-view event powered by Cleeng

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Sep 10 2012 | Cleeng News

New York was definitively the capital of fashion last week... check this out: Rachel Zoe, Simon Doonan, Anna Shui, just to name a few, shared their style and career advice at the FABB conference (available also as Live streaming pay-per-view event), organized by Lucky!

The two-day conference dedicated to fashion bloggers was sold out in no time, so Lucky's editors decided to livestream the event and let their faithful audience and other latecomers make the most of this fashion craziness ...and guess what they used Cleeng to protect the access to the Live show. (Benedicte, head of marketing, loved it!)


What the Lucky team really liked, is the fact that their afficionados could buy in one-click directly on their website to be part of the show! They were thrilled by the quick set up , the possibility to use coupons - a must to create a viral effect and best of all: we took care of the customer service!










It was a true success! This iconic example demonstrates that content commerce is happening. Lucky Mag was truly innovative in his approach to market, offering a new service to the readers and the fashion lovers who always wanted to attend such a show. With Cleeng, trying new business models for digital content is so easy!

Looking forward to next fashion extravaganza !





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