Live sports pay-per-view vs Cable TV

Monika | Wed Apr 09 2014 | Industry insights

live sports pay per view

If  you’re still in doubts about going online with your Live sports pay-per-view events, you should check the latest stats on the World Wrestling EntertainmentIt's not 'just' an emerging trend anymore.

A clear shift from cable TV to direct streaming is happening NOW, accelerating many industries worldwide.

In February this year, the WWE has partially cut their cable, and satellite TV contracts to embrace the cutting-edge Internet television, and to present the WWE  fans with a cutting edge, subscription-only streaming video service.

Vince McMahon - the WWE owner - noticed that viewers are continuously abandoning pricey cable packages in favor of monthly subscription services like Netflix, and decided to follow. The WWE network broadcasts currently the majority of their pro wrestling shows online. McMahon has not only secured a disruptive growth of subscribers, but he also gained a full ownership and control of his own platform with its exclusive content.

This smart shift to the live sports pay-per-view business could bring in millions in revenue. lf the WWE manage to sign up more than 100k fans, at 10$ per month that's 1m$ revenue in subscriptions per event!

It’s high time you embrace the “over the top” streaming services too. Gain visibility worldwide and grow your revenues with your pro sports content. We have all you need: an advanced, but easy to use freemium solution that lets you create Live pay-per-view events in just 2 minutes!

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