Let's Rock at the MidemLab

Benedicte Guichard | Thu Jan 05 2012 | Cleeng News

Time flies and it is hard to believe that 2012 is already here! So, first of all, on behalf of the Cleeng team, let me wish you the best for this new year. May 2012 be filled with happiness, health and success with the projects that are important to you.

We could not think of a better way to begin this year than with our selection as a Midemlab finalist in the category of Direct to Consumer Sales & Content monetization.

No need to explain much about the Midem, as it is just THE event that attracts some of the greatest music visionaries and where promising players in the music industry (i.e. SoundCloud and Songkick) have been launched. The event will take place in Cannes, France from January 28th to 31st.

Our pitch will emphasize and demonstrate how Cleeng can dramatically improve revenue opportunities for artists, and simplify their work. Using Cleeng allows artist and the industry alike a single solution to sell pictures, live shows, song downloads and more! All this, while also offering  a great, iTunes-like, user experience.

The real innovation of Cleeng is that it lets you -artists- sell any type of content directly from your web page. You can chose to sell content directly from  your website or your Facebook page, without any complicated setup. With Cleeng, your web page becomes THE place to visit and to consume content, fostering both a long-term relationship with users and a new revenue stream for artists.

With Cleeng, you can sell :
- Videos of your shows (live or broadcast)
- Pictures and wallpapers
- Exclusive interviews
- VIP membership to specific sections of your website
- Coupons for coming events
- Anything you could think of.... (see our demos)

Cleeng will revolutionize the way you engage with your fans, changing the way loyal fans will "consume YOUR content". What is cool about Cleeng? When a fan buys your content, and shares this with his or her online community, they also stand to benefit! That fan gets rewarded when his or her friends purchase the recommended content. This feature is a true social business accelerator promoting fans' engagement.

It helps to address disruptions and creates long-term customer relationships which are, according to Paul Walborsky - CEO at GigaOM and Midem Jury Member, key success factors in beating the competition in general and on a project base.

Follow our pitch in the category Direct to Consumer Sales and Content monetization on Sunday January 29th in the afternoon. Let's Rock this January !




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