IBC 2016 Through The Cleeng Lens

Benedicte Guichard | Thu Sep 15 2016 | Industry insights




IBC 2016 is over and it was quite an event! We are always trying to be the first covering it post-festum and share our impressions. The main conclusions would be: our stakeholders (partners, clients, media) love our solutions and we are perceived as the "friendly, reactive, honest company that is a real pleasure to work with".  

Here, I will walk you through the conference days using a short storyline, enriched with some pictures.

Day 1: Welcome party 

As true Amsterdam hosts, we organized the “Kick off IBC in Style” party, together with our technology partner 24i and a few other cool local startups. The main idea was to welcome our clients and partners attending the conference. Some nice music and drinks are always appreciated.

24i Party - VISUAL

Second day at IBC

The first day was marked by our demostration at Brighcove's booth. Stijn Derksen, our Product Marketing Manager showcased what Cleeng brings to OTT Flow. The solution that is based on a perfect blend of Brightcove’s best-of-breed video platform technology, Accedo’s perfected UX and Cleeng’s SVOD capabilities attracted a lot of attention at this event and also grabbed an award for "Best Internet TV Technology at 2016" from CSI.

Stijn Derksen showcasing Cleeng at IBC 2016


Outside Cleeng, our partner JW Player announced some interesting news, and launched their new live streaming product (JW Live), and an advanced video recommendations product.

Third day at IBC

Arkena presented their end-to-end OTT platform, including major OTT client cases like TRACE Play. The solution is marketed as the "shortest time-to-market SVOD service", and its no surprise since it correlates to one of our key competitive advantages. We've been working hard with Arkena on this project and we are really proud that it performs great and their clients rely on it.

Cleeng and Arcena at IBC

One other company, that could be a game-changer in the broadcasting industry, Arqiva, demonstrated their live OTT solution, which also uses Cleeng e-commerce and authentication capabilities.

Cleeng showcases Portal, Capture and the core platform

Fourth day at IBC

We used the final day to showcase the core Cleeng platform, the new Cleeng Portal and Cleeng Capture in action to an audience of partners and clients. Big thanks to Brightcove, our OVP partner to giving  us the opportunity.


Cleeng Portal v2 - Set up live video channel in 2 weeks The screenshot is taken from a product demo, and Cleeng does not guarantee the exact design.


We may be biased, but IBC is an event that we truly enjoy attending. It's been a great experience, an we are looking forward to the next year.


IMG-20160914-WA0010 Cleeng dinner to welcome our Polish team



casual dinner with our friends at Verizon Digital Media Services Lovely, casual dinner with our friends at Verizon Digital Media Services


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