How Musicians Can Benefit from PPV Live Streaming Their Concerts

Benedicte Guichard | Mon Nov 16 2015 | Industry insights

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Whether you’re into Bach or Bieber; Ga Ga or The Grateful Dead, chances are you’ve been to at least one live concert in your life. But have you ever watched a concert via a pay-per-view (PPV) live stream?

If you’ve answered yes, you will most likely have noticed the advantages of soaking up the atmosphere of a big gig from the comfort of home. If you’ve answered no, you’re more than likely to experience a concert via PPV live stream within the next five years.

Digital music market: size and structure

In times when live streaming is surging in the entertainment industry rapidly, content providers are trying to leverage flexible revenue models to maximize profits.

It’s predicted that by 2020, digital music venues will be $10 billion worldwide – and live streaming will be over half of that. Pretty mind blowing stuff when you think about it.


Digital music revenues by 2020 Chart: Digital music revenues by 2020 (by IFPI and Activate forecast)


Looking at the chart above, paid live streaming (transactional/subscriptions) will be responsible for over one-third of the digital music revenues. 

How can musicians get the most out of Live PPV

If you’re a musician or artist and you’re looking to monetise your craft, it’s plain to see that PPV live streaming your gig or concert is an essential ingredient to success; however, just to drive it home, consider this:

60’s California psych rock legends The Grateful dead recently staged a farewell gig and offered fans who weren’t quite lucky enough to get a ticket the chance to watch it via pay-per-view. This ‘little’ live music event broke pay-per-view records with a whopping 400,000 subscriptions – a fine additional turnout for a concert that had already grossed $52.2 million in ticket sales.

So it would seem that live music streaming is a pretty great way of gaining exposure and making revenue – and as the stats show, it’s something that is going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

For bands, musicians and artists looking to improve their prospects, PPV live streaming your show is a great way of:

  • Connecting with fans on a personal level;
  • Trying out new material and gauging audience reaction;
  • Yielding a larger crowd than just those physically attending your shows;
  • Driving traffic and increasing ticket sales.

Of course, staging a live show may seem easier said than done, but it’s more than possible to pull off. For the best results, these things must be considered:

  • Choose the right venue. Make sure the space and acoustics are right for you;
  • Make sure you hire a small crew of tech savvy audio visual engineers to ensure your sound and picture quality is of optimum quality;
  • Rehearse your set well in advance;
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to methodically plan and market your event;
  • Use word of mouth, forums and social media channels to plug the event;
  • Put on a foot stomping show!

The way in which we consume our entertainment is evolving and with PPV live streaming on the rise, there’s never been a better time to sell virtual tickets to your show. So get planning, get plugging and set that all-important concert date. 

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