Happy holidays!

Dimitar Serafimov | Mon Dec 30 2019 | Cleeng News


Our CEO has a holiday greeting for you, guys!


It was tough to summarize our past year, but here are a few important moments: 

1. Today, SRM™ is a recognized term in the industry

We worked hard on establishing our leadership in the Subscriber Retention Management space. The market has been craving for a technology stack like SRM™ if you carefully look into the major challenges for brands in the subscription business. It was super encouraging to hear how it all made perfect sense to our clients and partners. The next direction for us is to go outside of OTT and help more subscription businesses stabilize revenues and grow. There are many businesses that can leverage an SRM™!  

2. We built an exciting new ChurnIQ™ that has predictive analytics in its heart

For the last IBC Show, we launched our new analytics and operational tool that makes lives easier for decision-makers in the subscription business. It aggregates data from the subscriber’s journey and translates it into nice, visual insights, easy to digest for different personas. The new ChurnIQ™ has been supported by a data lake and machine learning infrastructure.

3. Our solutions are easier to integrate

Enriching the platform capabilities was important for us this year as it makes it easier and frictionless for our clients to go to market quickly. Features like Webstore SDK, upgrade/downgrade subscription and the payment connectors make our API-based solution more interoperable and lightweight for the ones that implement it.

We kept growing our key clients and signed new cool brands in different parts of the world like US, Korea, India, Brazil, Australia. It is great that there are no geographic constraints big enough to prevent Cleeng to penetrate markets and be successful.

What about 2020? What’s next?

1. Extra investment in our AI/Machine learning/Predictive capabilities

Everyone today is speaking about data. Getting the most of the new advancements in AI and ML is an ongoing process and we are excited we are entering a new stage where all the focus is on growing CLV and MRR for clients.

2. Improve the platform interoperability with third-party tools

We are developing more connectors around payment, with other subscription management systems and make it even more frictionless and easy to deploy.

3. Add marketing automation capabilities to ChurnIQ™

ChurnIQ™ now collects data, processes it and gives great insights into how your subscribers experience your service. To bring it to the next level, we are adding advanced marketing automation for our clients.

Thanks for supporting us during the year, we wish you all the best in 2020!

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