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Monika | Tue Dec 10 2013 | Industry insights

Darby Brender, kansas fitness, fusion fitness, online workoutsFusion Fitness is one of the most successful fitness studios in the Midwestern US and has been featured in top publications like Shape.

The studio offers a unique system that helps people stay fit and hosts an impressive figure of 30 classes a week, Fusion Fitness recently added online classes to their programmed which is powered by Cleeng. Darby Brender - the owner and founder of Fusion Fitness - sheds some light on her company. How to sell training videos online? Check below!
Monika Zameta: You hold of a title of one of the most popular fitness studios in the Midwest (US). What’s your recipe for success? 

Darby Brender, kansas fitness, fusion fitness, online workoutsDarby Brender: Fusion’s online workouts are totally different from traditional exercises which focus on building major muscle groups. We show much more of a ‘holistic’ approach and aim to help our customers in strengthening all the muscles in their body - big and small.

At the moment, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge classes - 30 each week. We strive to keep them trendy, fun, extremely enjoyable but also challenging. Our customers push beyond their limits gaining strength and flexibility. I do believe our true success lies in our community. I’m very proud that with the help of my talented fitness coaches, we change people’s lives. They embrace a healthy, dynamic lifestyle with such enthusiasm! We entirely support and promote such attitudes.

M.Z.: When was Fusion Fitness founded and who’s on your team? 

D.B.: I started my studio on a bootstrapped budget, while I was pregnant with my second son. It’s been really hectic with lots of obstacles. But I believed in it  enough to make my dream come to fruition. In 2011, we developed the Dream Body program which we designed to sculpt bodies in no time.

This was the sparkle that we needed. Dream Body was named a Top Fitness Video by Fab Fit Fun and was featured by fitness blogger MizFit as “one of the top five most challenging workouts.” Dream Body’s success has been repeated by the Dream Body Series- a set of 5 DVDs - a combination of Barre, Fusion Mix, Fusion, Tabata and Toning and Bikini Bootcamp. Since then, we grew tremendously and I currently hire 25 talented trainers. Our community is growing and we see the effects of our hard work.

fusion fitness, kansas fitness, online workouts, darby brender


M.Z.: Many instructors still haven’t embraced the potential of online sales for their offering. You, on the other hand - are quite successful offering nine memberships and full access to your amazing workouts. Why did you choose to go online and how did Cleeng help you here?

D.B.: I simply think that easy access to workouts is a must in the fast-paced world we’re living in. Many of our members don’t have time to show up to offline classes during the week and online workouts let them stay connected to their routines while having access to online workouts during the weekend. We offer high quality yet affordable programs and Cleeng Video-on-demand paywall helps us not only to sell workouts online within just a click, but also allows us to implement coupon campaigns, powerful memberships and subscriptions.

It means we have all the analytical tools we need in one place. I’m very happy to found Cleeng as an expansion modus for our online offers. We can now easily merge the ‘offline’ plans with the ‘online’ plans, making our studio both competitive and modern. Thanks to the Cleeng support team, I don’t have to worry about loads of emails and solving them - you guys do it for me!

Fusion Fitness, Kansas fitness, darby brender, online workouts

M.Z.: Your online workout offer has been enriched by new exciting workouts. Can you tell me more about them?

D.B.: We now have 13 cardio workouts altogether. We also added a dedicated program especially for pregnant women who wish to stay healthy throughout their pregnancy. Bump workouts are really popular!

M.Z.: What are your future plans?

D.B.: We’d like to start offering our customers workouts that are streamed live online with Cleeng’s support. We plan to further grow and extend our offer by enriching it by new programs. Creativity is in the air!


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