Event marketing strategies: free online events generate business leads

Monika | Thu Jun 26 2014 | Industry insights

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Among a wide range of event marketing tools you have to your disposition, there’s now one more you can use right away: free LIVE online events. They offer a new, effective way of capturing and nurturing your business leads. How to use them? Here's another blogpost from our event marketing strategies series that will help you gain valuable prospects in short time. 

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You create a free event with us, and your stream is hidden behind the registration wall. Then, from every single registration, we capture for you all data you need to a targeted list of top leads, matching your best customers. You may say - sure, but there is a handful of companies that for a few hundred bucks will provide you with a list of leads within a certain consumer sector.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this type of practices, beside a relatively high cost, is that you get unqualified leads, and also you don’t give back your customers any value.

Reaching out to prospects from this type of acquired list equals a guesswork. Free LIVE online events on the other hand, do the first selection for you. Think of everyone who has registered for your free event as a highly responsive business prospect.

If you convince someone to take part in the free event you’re organizing there’s every likelihood they will present themselves as an approachable sales lead. Plus, it minimizes the risk of being flagged as a spammer.

We have many clients who have successfully  used  free LIVE online events and embraced LIVE video as a new way of connecting with customers and prospect. Check out for example TEDMED or VentureBeat

Free LIVE online events:

  • Are an easy and fast to set up, especially if you use Cleeng Live!
  • Can be used to reach global or local prospects thanks to a geo-blocking functionality.
  • Offer more exclusive brand experience.
  • Enhance your brand’s disruptive, innovative approach.

Connect with your prospects, create a free LIVE online event - it doesn't cost a dime!


Get started - free!

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