Increase conversion rate with Cleeng co-branded platform

Gilles Domartini | Thu May 05 2011 | Cleeng News

When we announced our enterprise solution at TheNextWeb Conference, one of the key new feature was the ability to co-brand the Cleeng interface and fit the publisher's look & feel.

Why did we make that step:

  1. Large publishers (say LeMonde, LesEchos, Slideshare, NYT, Build) all want to keep their customer within their brand environment. It strengthens user engagement and avoid a rupture with the user experience on their site
  2. Also, users feel more re-assured to stay with the brand they truly love, and until Cleeng is a leading brand too, they feel more confortable to buy with brands they know, leading to higher conversion rates.

It important to highlight that our engineering team has been smartly thinking how to best do this, to support on one side the publishers needs, yet also keeping the single account concept with users. So when you open a Cleeng account, you can always buy on any of the publishers using the solution, in 1-click.

You can find below some examples of co-branded environments. For more details, please contact our sales team.

Cobranding Cleeng Enterprise

Cleeng SRM Product