Introducing Demo Accounts For Our OVP Partners

Stijn Derksen | Thu Dec 15 2016 | Cleeng News

Cleeng dashboard

Our OVP partners are now able to showcase the Cleeng capabilities to their clients with a simple demo account. The whole point of this feature is to provide our partners an opportunity to present how the platform integration works.

The demo accounts have all the functionalities that a regular publisher account has and gives a full overview of how the video content is distributed and monetized.  

Here are their main characteristics:

  • OVP-specific accounts (video input is limited to the selected platform only);
  • Pre-populated data;
  • Automatic offer creation and transactions monitoring;
  • Monitor sales of current “on air” events;
  • Platform branded environment (see screenshots below).

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we have some screenshots of the demo-accounts. The one bellow is a snapshot of an Livestream demo-account. 



Get more information about the OVP demo accounts by contacting me:

Cleeng SRM Product