Cleeng listed among the best VOD platforms for 2022

Kirstin White | Fri Dec 10 2021 | Cleeng News

Earlier this month, Cleeng was listed by Vimeo as one of the top Video on Demand platforms for 2022.

In light of the persisting VOD popularity, Vimeo created a review of the “10 Best VOD Platforms for 2022”. The listing features market-leading video platforms, like our partner Brightcove and Cleeng.

Cleeng VIMEO VOD review


The article outlined some of Cleeng’s highlights when it comes to offering video on demand. This included advanced customer experience and adaptable branding functionalities, as well as our flexible offer management tools, plus the comprehensive analytics that are delivered by our ChurnIQ dashboard.


To summarise how our products facilitate a successful video on demand service they stated that with our “robust set of operational APIs, Cleeng enables tech-savvy media and OTT companies to provide an enhanced customer experience to drive revenue and reduce churn.”


The review also points out things to consider for each of the listed platforms. For Cleeng they state that “maximizing your success with Cleeng will require adequate development resources”. We would love to shed some more light on this aspect of our VOD products.


How many development resources will your VOD platform require?

Given that Cleeng is a subscription management platform and not a video distribution tool, we partner with OVPs and app developers for the front-end integrations. However, the amount of integration effort required varies widely depending on how much customization you want. 


For example, many of our enterprise-level clients such as Optus Sport, CBC or Sinclair leverage our APIs to build a fully personalized platform. On the other hand, clients with less development resources can opt for fewer customizations to have their content up and running in no time.


We are deeply integrated with the OTT ecosystem so there are many ways to configure your platform, but if need be, you can launch the default platform in minutes. 

OTT video on demand ecosystem - Cleeng


We are delighted to be featured alongside VOD market-leaders and look forward to another exciting year of video content innovations in 2022.


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