The 2016 Growth Odyssey !

Gilles Domartini | Thu Jul 07 2016 | Cleeng News

Cleeng's growth odissey

The past year was one of the most dynamic years for Cleeng. It was a year marked by numerous significant business milestones, great new recruits and exciting projects. Now, we feel that we have a very talented team and a great product/market fit as two key components for rapid, sustainable growth.

Traditionally, as we approach the summer, we gather the whole Cleeng team dispersed all over the world (Amsterdam, Poznan, New York, Texas) and discuss the company's past, present and future. This was the 3rd event so far, after Cleeng 3D (Dare, Drive Deliver) in 2014, and Excelerate in 2015. Like every ambitious start-up, we are analyzing our journey through all the successes and failures. Based on that, we set up plans how to optimize processes which should drive us to reaching our "heights". That's one big reason we named this gathering "Growth Odyssey" and here are the main points we want to stress.

Our team

So many great competences are in the team. Just throwing a few stats:

  • 25 Full Time People
  • 13 different nationalities!
  • 30% woman
  • 50% tech and 50% Sales / Marketing / Finance / Customer support.

We are very pleased to have welcomed Stijn, Jake, Dawid, Rekha, Agnieska, Maciej, Dime, Jarek, Prem in the last 6 months. We certainly doubled our collective IQ :).

Cleeng team

Our technology

Cleeng is now a key player in the vast online video ecosystem and we exactly know our position and role in it. Live pay-per-view video is our focus, SVOD & OTT is fast expanding, and we are developing our technology to be the indisputable leader in those categories. These are the 3 key pillars that define what Cleeng provides:

3 Cleeng product pillars


Our clients

We know why clients choose us as a reliable partner:

  • Fast to deploy: We provide turnkey solutions designed for selling videos;
  • Flexible: We adapt to our clients' needs and scale with your business;
  • High ROI: We help clients to optimize conversion rates, reduce customer inquiries & churn;
  • Fully managed: Customer support, reporting, payments are done for our clients.

In the past 3 months alone, we are extremely excited to have added Chivas Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Mexico), TVN (Chile), ProFastPitch (US), NHRA (US), Setanta (Ireland), GoldenBoy/HBO Boxing (US), just to name a few. A BIG thank you to all of them for their trust. They relied on us to deliver their live pay-per-view or subscription video services and it worked.

Our culture

We believe strongly that today's successful company primeraly depend on human assets. Only with a great team you can build great product, find great clients, hire great profile, etc. We realize more and more as we accelerate our growth that what bonds these human assets is the company culture. The company culture is at the core of our diverse and international organisation.  After 5 years of operations, we decided it was time to formalize our "Culture Code".

We summarize as follows:

  • Dialogue & Openness: We exchange views, and respect each other's ideas.
  • Decision & Execution: At some point, we need to stop talking, and execute.
  • Relaxed & Professional: We don't need to be stressed or act bossy in order to be professional. Our roots are in Amsterdam - one of the best place in the world to live, even though only 1% of our revenue are made in the Netherlands. Our professionalism is appreciated way-outside our headquarters country.
  • Trust and Integrity: Success and execution is predictable, and we behave everyday with the right morals, ethics and values.

Next to these key attributes, we also believe that:

  1. The Team prevails on the Individual;
  2. Success is a journey;
  3. We are here to find solutions;
  4. Data is better than point of views;
  5. Quality is not an act, it's an habit.

We perceive that having a well-defined culture code will boost the performance of the whole team and enable each employee to be happy with his role and work inside the organisation.

And we are ecstatic that our Cleeng-ons are team players and know how the have fun.

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I cannot wait for the the next coming months. We have incredible products coming, new talent joining (if you are interested and believe you share our values, check our Jobs section), and extremely exciting new client projects. Stay tuned!

Cleeng SRM Product