Cleeng supports Canal+ Canada Video-on-demand paywall launch

Monika | Tue Nov 26 2013 | Cleeng News

Canal + Canada

The leading French pay-TV operator Canal+ and Dailymotion - the second biggest video-sharing website with 120 million viewers - joined forces to deliver a new Video-on-demand paywall platform in Canada.

Canal + Canada launched a couple of weeks ago to present the Canadian audience with the programs currently available on Canal+ channels  in France,  including the Emmy-nominated TV-series The Returned (Les Revenants) and some of the top European movies.

Canal+ Canada offering is based on a three-fold service:

-a SVOD for C$7.99 ($7.71 / €5.70) a month

-a movie-focused Video-on-demand starting at C$2.99 ($2.89 / €2);

-a wide choice of Canal+ most popular TV shows, such as: Les Guignols, Le Petite Journal and the daily talk show Le Grand Jour, accessible for free.

Cleeng, as the technology partner of Dailymotion for premium videos, significantly supported a smooth launch of this venture. We’ve been working hard, on a tight schedule, to roll out some of the most crucial features for the Canal + Canada channel.

We’ve created:

- Subscription offers with recurring billing management, including one free month - entirely integrated with the Dailymotion user-base;

- Transactional VOD that allows for purchasing rental videos, without the need of logging in;

- Distributor-Associate reporting, which gives DM and Canal+ a full overview of their joined business, and also their relative earnings.

Furthermore, to secure lower transaction rejection rates by banks - we introduced the Canadian Dollar supported as a transaction currency (not only as a display/converted currency).

The launch of Canal + programs to the French speaking audience in Canada is an excellent news! We've been working closely with many Canadian publishers before, i.e. with Cirque Du Soleil, and we are thrilled to support Dailymotion and Canal+ expertise here as well. Gilles Domartini, Cleeng CEO & Founder

Check out Canal+ Canada, we hope you'll enjoy it!


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