Back to Business: Key learnings from SPORTEL Monaco 2021

Benedicte Guichard | Fri Oct 08 2021 | Industry insights

This week, Cleeng along with hundreds of other sports media and tech companies gathered in Monaco for SPORTEL 2021.

It was great to be back to business in person and get the chance to meet with clients such as Setanta Sports and MXGP, as well as partners such as Sportradar and Redbee.



Such a gathering of key decision makers from across the industry created an energetic and progressive atmosphere. Here are some of the primary learnings that Cleeng took away from this experience.


Learnings from SPORTEL 2021


1. Live PPV is still a strong component of the direct-to-consumer offer selection for many sports federations and rights owners.

Live Pay-Per-View content isn’t going anywhere, as many sports media producers continue to rely on this engaging and high-revenue medium.

From discussions with prospects and clients we confirmed that sports federations are seeking easy-to-launch, turnkey and scalable solutions for their PPV content.

Cleeng’s Live PPV tool ticks these boxes by offering:

  • A seamless check out experience, ready to accommodate your largest events
  • Instant, simple landing pages or advanced embeds for greater personalisation
  • Convenient local payment methods
  • Clear tax calculations
  • International customer care

2. Flexible business models are sought after by both broadcasters and end-users.

Flexibility has become a key player in the sports media world as competition for your audience’s attention continues to expand.

a) Broadcasters need the flexibility to test and explore

To be able to outdo the competition, drive business and satisfy viewers, broadcasters need the freedom to experiment. They want to have the opportunity to explore different price points per target groups, currency, and/or geography, content offerings (per discipline, teams) and coupon deals per segment . By doing so they can track the performance per offer and discover the best possible business model.

You can create the optimum business model with Cleeng Core by:

  • Simultaneously offering multiple business models such as subscription vs. day pass vs season pass
  • Easily testing different coupon types on different audiences
  • Adapting your offering to international audiences with multiple currency and payment method options
b) Viewers expect flexibility and an “à la Netflix” experience

One-dimensional offerings are no longer sufficient for satisfying today’s sports fans. If sports organisations are not providing the right pricing, content type or commitment length, while  securing a great viewing experience, the customer can easily turn to their competitors. 

You can deliver a richer content offering with Cleeng Core by:

  • Accommodating multiple device types
  • Offering a range of long and short term purchases (PPV / day pass / season pass / monthly pass / annual pass)
  • Providing a wide selection of content types (main event coverage / replays / backstage content)
3. The need for advanced subscriber analytics is consistent amongst sports broadcasters.

With sports subscribers in the driving seat today, content providers must deliver a higher level of service than before, and this means personalising your service through in-depth analytics. 

Our demonstration of the following ChurnIQ benefits resonated strongly with many clients and prospects at SPORTEL. As they all share the same goal: retaining subscribers for years.

a) Analyse data

Use advanced analytics dashboards to examine conversion, engagement, revenue and churn at every stage of the subscriber journey. (Trial, Subscribe, Offer, Pay, Experience, Retain)

b) Predict outcomes

Visualise churn and conversion trends on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

c) Support actions & automation

Build strategic segments according to over 50 subscriber attributes. Each carefully selected for identifying at-risk subscribers  and triggering campaigns to prevent them from churning

d) Quantify outcomes

Directly track the impact of your conversion and retention campaigns.



We’re just getting started

To top off the excitement in Monaco, this week Cleeng and our partner Sportradar announced that we have been selected by Big Ten Network to refresh B1G+. More updates on this to come!

One thing is clear after this week’s activities: the sports media industry is back on form, and ready for more!


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