5 tips for a successful digital video marketing strategy

Monika | Mon Jul 15 2013 | Industry insights

Fast Moving Targets, a Dutch platform focusing on innovation, media, communication and  technology, asked 14 acknowledged Dutch experts to share their advice on online video and the digital TV industry. Among them is Cleeng CTO - Donald Res. From the 14 insightful interviewers, Fast Moving Targets distilled 5 extremely helpful tips that you might want to use to accelerate your digital video marketing strategy:

1. Go international...

…after you score high on your local market. Your innovation has no borders. And if you're really good you can rock international markets in no time. Don't constrain your ideas to your own country as long as your gut feeling tells you that your biz has disruptive power and a global flair.

Why would a big brand try to make deals in every market with the local cable providers? They can move forward much faster, using the global Internet potential. 

states Donald Res.

2. Choose a niche
Notice the shift from the mass media to the niche content production. Where the mass-media become more and more general, niche channels deliver content carefully tailored to the expectations and needs of their consumers.

Example Donald Res gives here is Jiu Jitsu  - sport discipline that has a big audience around the world, which can be served instantly over the internet.

3. Focus on quality

Every minute YouTube users add 100 hours of new video material. Many of the published movies convey great stories, but only few of them show sufficient quality. And quality, along the gripping storyline, is what people are looking for. Keep in mind that tablet or Apple-TV users won't put up with poor quality of your videos. In order to succeed you need to stand up to their expectations.

4. Launch second screen
Mobiles and tablets prevail. Content producers thrive on the trend of making everything more 'personal'. You should follow in their footsteps.

5. Opt for a paid video
Spotify was one of the first companies to prove that people are willing to pay (daily) for the albums they like. Also after having free access to the same content before purchasing.
Let people have a piece of your rich content for free. Let them consume your content in a form of bite-size pieces, like single episodes of the tv series you produce. But don't forget about the importance of subscriptions.

Donald Res sums up:

Subscriptions become for many publishers a holy grail. Monthly subscribers are your target audience and the reason for your business to grow steadily.



You can watch all interviews and read the recap of all talks on the Fast Moving Targets website (in Dutch only).

Many thanks to the Fast Moving Target for gathering great advice from the Dutch experts.


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