A Look Back At an Eventful 2016

Dimitar Serafimov | Fri Dec 23 2016 | Industry insights

Cleeng team

This post is a reflection of what happened in the past year and setting our sights for for the new 2017.

This time last year, we set our projections for 2016, and we can say that we are not far from how the marked shaped.  Maybe 2016 was a terrible year in general (we are with you on this, John Oliver), but it was a great and dynamic one for Cleeng.

This year has been marked by some great product upgrades, team reinforcements and milestones achieved:

  • Launched Cleeng Portal, Cleeng Capture and Tattoo Lite;
  • Boosted our platform capacity to process 1m transactions in an hour time;
  • Reached 1.5m accounts created;
  • Doubled our revenues and our team size.

Our CEO, Gilles Domartini was in a good Christmas spirit and gave us a nice recap on how the industry has developed. Also, he threw a few visionary words on how Cleeng will shape up in 2017.


On top of this, we are proud that we stroke some important deals and raised the level of collaboration with our OVP partners. NBL, NHRA, TVN Chile, Chivas TV are only a few new clients that entered our portfolio.

We wish all our stakeholders a happy and prosperous 2017. Hop on the wagon, it will be a fun ride!

Cleeng SRM Product