Moving from Live PPV Events to Dedicated Online Portals

Dimitar Serafimov | Fri Nov 03 2017 | Industry insights

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Pay-per-view events can help you harness the power of global online audiences across every possible device. Let's look at the reasons why broadcasters may opt for a dedicated portal as a next-level PPV platform. 

Pay-per-view (PPV), as a revenue model, emerged from the pay-TV landscape and was often associated with major boxing fights. As video streaming technology advances, the model also evolved and shifted online. Nowadays, viewers love watching their favorite shows or events on their mobile devices or via streaming media devices.

For broadcasters, PPV acts as a joker card despite the opportunities that other premium video models provide. The sporting industry always exploited best the business potential of PPV and added new revenue streams. At Cleeng, we've seen lots of sports organizations going direct-to-consumer by selling "hot" live events with a quick technological setup.

However, the quest for stable revenue streams, sustainable business, and engaged fans motivates some broadcasters to invest in dedicated fan portals. These type of portals or channels aggregate all their content in one place, like live events, replays, interviews, "behind-the-scenes" footage, polls, articles etc.

From our experience, there is a strong link between different types of video content, from live pay-per-view events to on-demand and subscription-based video. Successful publishers rarely do “one-off” live events and they want to build up and manage their content portfolio from one spot, without serious technical interventions.


Why go for a dedicated portal?

Let's dig into the main reasons why Cleeng broadcaster would move for a portal solution.

  1. It acts as a dedicated fan hub for all content: Portals ease the content discovery gap by supporting multiple live events, VOD, and classics. It is also a clean way of segmenting and curating content by specific sports, seasons, etc.
  2. It enables flexible selling with various revenue models: Brands can leverage live PPV to peak revenues, passes to give access to a series of events and subscriptions to build a steady revenue stream and fans loyalty.
  3. It drives better conversion rates: With the availability of content, fans are getting attached to their "content home"and pre-booking and subscription conversions tend to grow in general.
  4. It boosts fan engagement: The pre-built social components in the portals ease the fan interaction on social media sites.
  5. It is easy to launch: Cleeng Portal is an end-to-end Live OTT solution that takes two weeks to deploy.

If you are broadcasting regular live events and you want to keep your fans engaged on your site, we encourage you to try Cleeng Portal.



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