How we analyze your Live and On-Demand video marketing performance

Monika | Wed Jul 23 2014

video marketing analysis

Whether it is to get a daily snapshot of your business performance or to conduct an in-depth analysis of your sales, Cleeng’s up-to-date, comprehensive PRO Reports allow you to quickly access your sales heartbeat. 

 The gain is obvious - more effective and efficient conduct of your business, better conversion and time management - as the entire reporting process is fully automated. All you need to do is to simply take a peek into the data we give you.

A suite of Cleeng PRO reports contains:

  • Business overview
  • Transaction overview
  • Cancellation report
  • Subscribers overview

Reports can be generated with a customized data input and are available in 3 different ways:

  1. They can be viewed directly from your Cleeng Publisher Dashboard
  2. They can be downloaded as an .xls or .csv file, that you then analyze or import within your own CRM system
  3. They can be automatically, and in real-time, collected data using our reporting API.

Cleeng PRO reports give you a full picture of your performance and allow you to obtain more sales information than any other SaaS based software solution on the market.

Take for example a subscribers report that contains not only the basics such as customer’s email, or number of the renewal periods, but also information such as a customer’s country, a coupon code they have used, and many more. 

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