Traditional Broadcast and Cable TV Seeks Multi-SVOD Aggregation

Dimitar Serafimov | Mon Mar 26 2018 | Industry insights

SVOD aggregation

As it becomes increasingly apparent that SvoD and other online-based non-linear viewing mediums are fast becoming the preferred choice for today's consumers, traditional broadcasters are turning to multi-SVoD initiatives to compete in this new, exciting and cutthroat landscape.

Viewers love video on demand, more and more. According to Parks & Associates, live TV viewing among all video consumption has continued to drop overall in American broadband households, with almost 60% of video viewed on televisions being on-demand, non-linear content.

OTT sign-ups outpace pay TV worldwide

What's more, recent studies suggest that current OTT subscription sign-ups are outpacing pay-TV customers by three to one.

OTT subs growth vs pay TV

The move to SVOD aggregation

That said, when it comes to SVoD, OTT and non-linear content, traditional broadcasters still own a significant share of the OTT distribution pie, with the likes of NBCUniversal, Fox and Disney all firmly in the mix.

And here in Europe, three of the market's major players have stated that they're now in the ‘super-aggregation’ biz, with a strategy to onboard to integrate popular SVoD services and give their customers the most extensive choice of content through one easy to navigate platform.

The likes of Vodafone Germany will follow in the footsteps of Virgin Media, onboarding a host of notable SVoD providers to add to Maxdome and Netflix - both of which are already integrated with the service. And word on the street is, the broadcaster wants to integrate all of the major platforms into its service.

With two other media giants currently in the process of following suit and more expected to join the race, we may well have entered the ‘super aggregation era’ - shifting the SVoD entertainment landscape as we know it.

As SVoD, OTT and other non-linear businesses become friendly with traditional broadcasters, these flexible, in-demand platforms will essentially become pivotal channels of their overall services, offering a greater level of flexibility, choice, freedom than ever before, as well as (if developed with care), an enhanced level of user experience (UX).

Whether the age of 'super aggregation' will prompt a traditional broadcasting renaissance or disrupt non-linear entertainment in a significant way remains to be seen, but one thing's for certain: big developments are in the making, and as time continues to tick, big things are in store for the world of visual entertainment.

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